BBC presenter John Kay asked if he had any advice on how to get rid of bird poop from a linen jacket after Carol Kirkwood had a “splattered” live in the air.

Announced as the new regular presenter of the BBC breakfast from Monday to Wednesday last week, ay was giving a presentation from Cambridge in a beige linen suit when the incident happened.

After asking weathercaster Kirkwood for tips on how to keep him cool during the heat waves, he said: “Carroll, do you have any tips on how to get rid of bird droppings from your linen jacket? Because you just jumped at the pigeon …”

Wipe the collar of his jacket and ask, “Do you want to get wet?” Kirkwood suggested: “Try one of these wipes. It may spread a bit, but with some …”

Kay, 52, born in Hull, added: I’m a little worried about doing this. I also have another jacket-maybe we’ll go to that option for now and hit a dry cleaner a little later. “

When he finished the segment, he said: pigeon. “


John Kay hits a pigeon poop during a presentation from Cambridge and then taps his shoulder (BBC breakfast)

From the studio, presenter Nina Warhurst told Kay, which may be reluctant, but “the delivery is considered lucky!”

After the incident, Kay changed into a dark jacket to present the rest of the program.

Meanwhile, as the heat wave swept across Britain, here are some tips for keeping Kirkwood cool:

After 7:00 am on Monday morning, Kirkwood said:

Today’s video

“Close the curtains to keep the heat coming out quickly, walk in the shade if you need to go out, avoid the hours from 11am to 3pm, and in a closed car with animals and people parked. Don’t leave it in … I think these are probably my number one secrets, John. “

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