The Bermuda Carnival is back after a two-year hiatus with “new organizations, fresh and new routes for parades, weekend festivals”.

A spokeswoman said, “Bermuda Mass Band Association. [BMBA] Introducing the Carnival in Bermuda with the Bermuda Tourism Board [BTA] From June 16th to 20th, local event promoters will be attending to host parties and events designed to draw carnival purists and newcomers into a never-ending atmosphere.

“The carnival experience aims to celebrate Caribbean culture through soca music, dance and non-stop delight. For visitors, the carnival is one of the best times to spend on the island and the locals. For people, weekends mean freedom and a sense of unity. “

BMBA spokesman Kedric Smith said: Drinkers can expect numerous events, live entertainment and a spirit of unity over a five-day period. We look forward to providing a fresh and new carnival experience and encourage the community to support as many events as possible. “

A spokeswoman said: “A typical weekend event is Saturday’s Raft Up, JAM, a new spin of J’Ouvert and Revelde Road, officially known as the Parade of Bands.

“The weekend begins on Thursday, June 16th with evolution at the sunset all-inclusive party Fort Hamilton. The oasis continues on Friday at Birds Park as the first sunrise holiday of the weekend. Saturday morning party attendance. Participate in the Tree Garden Sunrise Swizzle featuring Elephant Man and Problem Child.

“One of the most anticipated events on the weekend is the raft-up on Saturday afternoon in Mangrove Bay. Participants come by private boat or charter boat or take one of the official raft-up cruises. I can do it.

Raft up Bermuda June 2022

“All roads lead to Chaplin Bay on Saturday night after a chic and sexy beach party, Euphoria’s raft up.

“On Sunday, Wetta, a breakfast party at Snorkel Park with a live performance by soca artist Lyrical, will be back. Or, once you find your ticket, head east to Vale Vibes’ special Fett.

“The carnival’s flagship Glow Bermuda will be held Sunday at Queen Elizabeth Park and hosted by Patrick the Hypeman. This all-inclusive, white party is a luxury fet and the best with local and international DJs. I promise the atmosphere.

“Pure continues under the big tent of the National Sports Center with live performances by Kira and Olatungi and a great DJ lineup.

“The prelude to Revel de Road is reserved for those who go through the party and store energy and make noise. [J’Ouvert AM] A vibrant, messy, paint and powder party where everyone dances and jumps until the sun rises. It will be held at Benard’s Park from 3 am.

“Finally, the main event on Monday, June 20th is Revelde Road, announced by BMW A and BTA.

“This year will be a new route through the central side of the island. Two premier bands, NovaMas International and PartyPeople Entertainment, offer vibrant costumes for masqueraders to jam on the road.

“The masquerader will parade the next area of ​​Pembroke from 11:00 am. The procession will be divided into three laps:

“The beginning of the parade

  • Rap 1: Depart Frog Lane [o/s Devonshire Recreation Club]South of Frog Lane, to the right of Parsons Road, North Street, Dutton Avenue.
  • Lap 2: Depart Dutton Avenue, turn left on Marsh Folly Road, turn right on Black Watch Pass, and turn right on North Shore Road towards the North Shore / Palmetto Road Roundabout.
  • Rap 3: Depart the North Shore / Palmetto Road Roundabout, head west on Palmetto Road and Marshfolly Road, turn left on Dutton Avenue and end at Bernard Park.

Wood adds: “The Bermuda Carnival is a boost to the economy and the country’s carnival products are made up of many stakeholders. BMBA is an all-event organizer, sponsor, promoter, food vendor, make-up artist, hair stylist and photographer. , Videographers, DJs, Security Teams, Volunteers and other product suppliers.

“The cumulative efforts of everyone make the Carnival weekend a success. Thank you to everyone from our team! The Bermuda Carnival Team wishes everyone a safe and exhilarating carnival weekend. “

For more information on the Bermuda Carnival or to buy tickets for various events, please visit

Bernews will be hosting a live interview about the carnival in Bermuda at 8pm tonight.

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