In the fourth week of the 2022 Bermuda Cricket Board 50 Over League Season, Bermuda played a warm-up match, a league match and a Central County Cup match. Let’s take a look at the top performers of the week with several players from abroad in Bermuda. , Both domestic and overseas.

Jacob Alberze, who represents the Somerset Cricket Club, is the top scorer with 138 knocks, the Western Stars Tremanders scored the second highest with 95 knocks, and Baileys Bay’s Brand Trot scored 3 with 92 knocks. I got the highest score.

With a number of 6.5-0-14-4, Kevin Hurdell of Flatt’s Victoria returned the best bowling number, and Jabari Darrell playing in Bermuda gave the second best number of 9.0-0-39-4, Devonshire Recreation. Dion Ball returned the second best number. The club had the third best number of 10.-1-47-4.


138 Jacob Alberze – Somerset Cricket Club
..95 Tre Manders-Western Stars
..92 Brandon Trott – Baileys Bay
..90 Alje Richardson – Somerset Cricket Club
..83 Coolidge Durham – Baileys Bay
..79 Mackih McGowan – Cleveland County
..74 Eagle James – Willow Cut
..72 Janeiro Tucker – Southampton Rangers
..72 Dion Stovel-Southampton Rangers
..62 Key Juan Franks-Flat Victoria
..54 Sharye Tavares – Baileys Bay


6.5-0-14-4 Kevin Hurdell – Flatt’s Victoria
9.0-0-39-4 Jabari Darrell – Bermuda
10.-1-47-4 Dion Ball – Devonshire Recreation Club
10.-1-53-4 Seth Bell-Western Stars
7.0-0-19-3 Q’Shai Darrell – Cleveland County
10.-5-28-3 Aranda Glass-St. George Cricket Club
10.-0-28-3 Derrick Brangman-St. David Cricket Club
9.0-0-45-3 Jamar Stovell – Bermuda
9.0-1-56-3 Brain Hall – Western Stars
10.-1-61-3 Allan Douglas – Devonshire Recreation Club
9.0-0-78-3 Azar Morrisey – Somerset Cricket Club

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