Some locals can expect to receive a call from tonight [June 13] As a narrative research, Bermuda will conduct a second quarter Bermuda omnibus survey.

A spokeswoman said:

“The Bermuda Omnibus is a quarterly telephone survey that covers a variety of timely issues in areas such as local social issues, employment, economics, politics and lifestyle trends.

“The survey is conducted using CATI technology and uses state-of-the-art research methods according to the highest standards established for the research industry.

“Calls are made locally from 4974558 and called numbers are generated using RDD. [Random Digit Dialling]Therefore, the call will be forwarded to one of the professionally trained interviewers, which may result in a slight delay of up to 3 seconds after answering. Narrative Research Bermuda adheres to the highest international research standards and ensures that all participants remain anonymous.

“We will also be using the Bermuda Voice Panel later this week. Bermuda Voice is an online panel that seeks public feedback on a variety of topics.

“Many people don’t understand how phone and online surveys, focus groups, and secret shoppers are affecting the services and products we use in our daily lives.

“Companies typically use market research before releasing a service or product to get a better view of what consumers need. This allows them to adjust their products and services. We can create better services and products for you, our customers.

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