Bermuda players James Dodgson and Peter Drury wrapped up their appearances at the 2022 WATA XXVII Senior Caribbean Singles and Doubles Championships in Jamaica.

James Dodgson qualified for the men’s singles 40th round robin division, defeating Jody Jarvis of the Cayman Islands 3-2.

Dodgson won the first game 14-12, but Jarvis won the second game 12-10 to level the game. Jarvis then won the third game 11-9 to take a 2–1 lead. Dodgson won the fourth game 11-8 and he leveled the game 2-2. In the fifth and final game, Dodgson won 11-4.

Drury, who competes in the men’s singles 50 round robin division, took his third victory in the division by beating Keith Higgins of the Cayman Islands 3-0 in 15 minutes.

Drury closed out by winning the first game 11-8, the second game 11-2 and the third game 11-3.

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