The Britain’s Got Talent judge provided words of support after the Flintz & T4ylor rapper became emotional and temporarily lost the lyrics during the live final.

A 22-year-old rapper from Croydon delivered an inspiring original song about the duo’s journey to reach the final of the ITV talent competition by connecting with partners on social media.

Alesha Dixon, who sounded the golden buzzer in the audition round, said: You will be behind the scenes and beat yourself about it. “

She added: “But what you guys achieved together at this show goes far beyond the little little mistakes you made there.

“This music industry is tough, so you encourage many other kids to go out and fight doing what they want to do. And I’m telling you now, boy, this is It’s just the beginning, so take pride in it. “

The rapper and pianist duo was one of the first acts to appear on stage at the show’s live finals.

Ventriloquist Jamie Lee Hay and his doll Chuck the Chicken held a show with a routine that made the audience laugh.

A 13-year-old kid from St Helens in Merseyside teased Simon Cowell during the performance and joked that the judge might eat him for lunch on Sunday.

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Lehei and his doll, wearing a Union Jack bow tie and brace, followed the millionaire-style segment with their own song to thank the audience for advancing to the finals.

Amanda Holden described her performance as “perfect,” and said Routine shed her tears.

Amber and Dancing Collie also made a strong comeback after being selected by the judges to return as “wildcard acts” from all the third-placed acts that did not appear in the semi-finals.

Nymeria, a 25-year-old dog from the Netherlands, offers a grease-themed routine featuring only one dog, after Cowell said he had too many semi-final performances with two dogs. Did.

Following the performance, Cowell said he got “early” from his son Eric that the dog’s actions weren’t voted first, adding his congratulations on their quick turnaround.

Next was the 5 Star Boys, who delivered an emotional contemporary dance routine to David Bowie’s hero.

A group of boys aged 10 to 12 from all over Britain performed synchronized backflips, splits and jumps as smoke accumulated and sparkled throughout the stage.

David Warriors saw some boys get emotional after the routine and said, “I hope they are happy tears because it couldn’t get any better.” Said.

He added that they brought “emotional” and “magical” things to the show, and said they consider them remarkable.

Seven-year-old Aneeshwar Kunchala from Warrington continued her passionate message of protecting the environment with another inspiring poem.

He was nervous for a moment at first. But he continued with his confidence after the cheers of support from the audience.

Following the performance, Cowell said: Every time you tell us one of your poems, I’m fixed, “he added, he feels the schoolboy should get his own show.

The winner will scoop up the £ 250,000 prize and Royal Variety Performance invoice spot.

Britain’s Got Talent Final will continue on ITV.

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