Bermuda Hospital Commission [BHB] We have provided an update on the first BHB-wide electronic health record system which is scheduled to go live this Saturday [Oct 29].

A spokesperson said, “The system is called PEARL. [Patient Electronic & Administrative Records Log] by staff. PEARL is an electronic medical record system that makes patient information, from medical history to up-to-date physician records and test results, readily available to those involved in patient care. This information is no longer on paper or confined to fragmented systems.

“This means that BHB staff caring for patients are waiting for paper records to be delivered, checking multiple systems for important information and results, and checking information that may not have been submitted yet. With PEARL, everything a clinician needs is instantly available in one place and always up-to-date, eliminating duplication and delays. Easier to avoid.”

CEO and President Michael Richmond said: We would like to thank the BHB staff for their efforts. The implementation of PEARL has involved hundreds of staff members involved in designing, building and testing the system since the project began in April 2021, as well as attending training while fulfilling their duties as caregivers. It rests on the shoulders of his staff of over 1,400.

“Right now, our focus is on ensuring that BHB can safely maintain its services while it is up and running. , your ability to use PEARL will rapidly grow stronger and faster each day, and as you become more familiar with using the system, opportunities for improvement will help soar.

“Going live with PEARL is just the beginning. PEARL is the tool we use to do what our staff strives for every day: the highest level of care and the best patient outcomes possible. It’s something Bermuda can be really proud of.”

A spokesperson said:

  • PEARL will be used at all BHB services at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute, Lam Fogo Urgent Care Center, and all BHB Group Homes.
  • All BHB services will continue throughout the go-live process, although it will take some time initially to complete tasks as staff practice training.
  • Choice activity [for example, non-urgent surgeries and outpatient appointments] However, the work is gradually reduced. The first week after transition is 50% of normal level and his second week after transition is 75% of normal level. This will help minimize potential risks to patient safety and care as staff become more familiar with using her PEARL. This is best practice for implementing this kind of system, and I follow advice from other hospitals and his Cerner on how to successfully manage the transition.
  • Emergency services are available, but waiting times may be longer for those with mild symptoms.If you have minor problems or need help managing a chronic illness, we recommend that you consult your primary care physician
  • Additional Cerner employees and PEARL superuser BHB staff will be deployed in each department to support staff during the first two weeks of operation.
  • A multi-level command center structure is in place for the first two weeks in case an issue arises that cannot be resolved at the departmental level but needs to be resolved quickly and effectively.
  • Normal levels of elective activity, including surgery, are expected to return after November 11th.

Chief of Staff Wesley Miller explains: PEARL seeks to transform what is possible to provide the best safe and quality care across BHB. Implementing a system of this size and complexity is not easy, but the reward for doing it is an increased ability to improve patient care and outcomes, which is at the heart of all we do. ”

Chief Hospital Information Officer Keltie Jamieson added: Lots of on-site support and problem escalation processes in the department as the hardworking staff get used to something new.First her two week patient and visitor bright t-shirt support within the department meet additional people wearing I’ve done everything I can to retest PEARL, but issues are normal for major system implementations. The key is to have a robust structure to escalate and resolve them.

“Once this implementation period is over, there are many things to look forward to, but Step 1 is a successful implementation. It gives us a strong foundation.”

Click here for more information on PEARL on BHB’s website.
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