Bermuda Resources Association [BHRA] Candice Lambe has been appointed as the new president and Melissa Caldwell has been appointed as the new vice president.

A spokeswoman said: Mrs. Rambe’s main responsibility as BHRA President is to provide the association with a strategic direction as it aims to provide more resources and support to the island’s HR professionals. “

Mrs. Rambe, Senior Recruiting Consultant for the Platinum Group, said: In some cases, as we adapt to the new normals, we still feel the effects of everything shaking.

“My main responsibility is to work with the BHRA Board to foster a culture of professionally prepared and emotionally supplemented island HR professionals, because the success of our role is. It depends on personal happiness. “

A spokeswoman said: “Mrs. Rambe, who has been hiring since 2013, started her career at Robert Half, one of the world’s most renowned dispatch companies in Tulsa, Oklahoma. For many years, she has been in healthcare, Directly responsible for hiring and placing hundreds of national and international professionals in temporary and permanent positions in various industries such as legal, banking and finance, risk, insurance, oil and gas, and technology. I am.

“Her vision is to continue to shape BHRA into a space where both students and up-and-coming professionals can connect with experienced industry leaders for a wealth of mentorship, feedback and guidance. Mrs. Rambe said she is looking forward to providing strategic HR leaders with the opportunity to partner with each other and improving the employment experience in Bermuda at all levels. “

Mrs. Rambe said: “Through professional certification opportunities, regular development sessions, social and networking events, we aim to emphasize and strengthen the strength of the community. BHRA is a professional at all levels. We hope to continue to be an association that can benefit and contribute. “

A spokeswoman said: “Through the leadership of former President Da Ponte, the number of BHRA members has increased from less than 80 to over 200. Mrs. Da Ponte was instrumental in leading the partnership with the Human Resource Certification Institute. [HRCI]A US-based accreditation organization that provides accreditation to HR generalists, managers, managers, and leaders.

“This partnership gives BHRA membership access to local tests for HRCI certification rather than flying abroad.”

Mrs. DaPonte said:

“I am very grateful to everyone who helps the association, whether it is a volunteer on the board or a member helping one event. Thank you, we need a village to be where we are. And while it’s sad to leave BHRA’s leadership role, Mrs. Lambe and Mrs. Caldwell are confident that they will continue to improve the association and apply their own vision. “

“In addition, Mrs. DaPonte has revived BHRA’s annual HR conference, partnered with RG Top Ten Employers to win the Diversity and Inclusion Award, and conducted an annual membership survey to make BHRA more meaningful. Positioned to give. Members are also working to strengthen the association’s relationship with the Human Resources Management Association as the Bermuda Chapter.

“Mrs. Coldwell brings a professional background to the VP role, including international experience on the part of people in the financial and banking industry, management consultants, and more recently in the automotive retail industry. She is now Auto Solutions. HR & Project Manager. “

Mrs. Caldwell said: We want to help pandemics provide members with the skills and tools they need to deal with work fatigue, as well as the new challenges they have added to our role. This will allow us all to return to the organization and hopefully be more refreshed and ready to deal with the day-to-day work of HR management. “

A spokeswoman said: “Established in 1969, BHRA is the only professional association for HR professionals in Bermuda. They are committed to providing value to their members by establishing and promoting local and international standards for HR. We aim to provide current and aspiring HR professionals with networking and relationship-building opportunities. We support professional development and more.

“For more information, please visit or Facebook: Bermuda HumanResource Association. [BHRA].. “

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