Washington: US President Joe Biden at a climate conference for major economies on Friday, Russia’s war in Ukraine is the key to preventing global warming, as the transition to renewable energy is a national security issue. He said it shows that there is.

“Russia’s brutal and provocative attacks on neighboring Ukraine fueled the global energy crisis and sharpened the need to achieve long-term, credible energy security and security,” Biden hosted by the White House. I told the virtual summit to do. “Fortunately, climate security and energy security are inextricably linked.”

Since taking office in 2021, Biden has pledged to make the United States a world leader in trying to stop catastrophic global warming, the third of a major economic forum on energy and climate.

But it happens just as Biden faces public anger at rising fuel prices associated with fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. At the same time, European countries are struggling to find ways to avoid Russia’s dependence on oil and gas imports.

In his speech, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres reflects the tobacco company’s tactics to launch a violent attack on the oil and gas industry and drive “a false story to minimize responsibility for climate change.” I accused him of being there.

“Nothing is more obvious than the dangers of fossil fuel expansion. In the short term, fossil fuels are politically or economically meaningless. Still, we are fossil fuel producers and financiers. Seems to be trapped in a world that has humanity in it, “he said.

But the message of UN leaders was contrary to the political reality that Biden faced while preparing to visit Saudi Arabia next month, persuading the domestic oil industry to increase production.

Americans are currently paying an average of $ 5 per gallon to fill a car. That’s an increase from $ 3 a year ago, and this hike further boosts inflation, which is now at its highest level in 40 years.

– India, Russia absent –

Twenty-three countries attended the video conference, representing most of the world’s major economies, and said they “focused on the mitigation measures they take” on the impact on the climate, officials of the Biden administration said.

At its last meeting in September 2021, Biden and the European Union announced their pledge to reduce emissions of the greenhouse gas methane. It was officially launched at the COP26 UN Climate Change Summit in Glasgow and is currently signed by 115 countries.

The Friday rally was the largest leader-level rally before the follow-up summit COP27 in Egypt this November.

However, Russia did not attend the summit on Friday, emphasizing the diplomatic complexity that plagues the quest for international cooperation on global climate threats.

According to the White House, China was represented only at the level of climate envoys, not President Xi Jinping. Also, India was not on the official list of participants.

– Opportunity for methane –

“The window of action is rapidly narrowing,” Biden warned that the world “should not slip global warming mitigation targets out of our reach.”

Biden says that despite scrambling to adapt the world’s energy markets to the effects of the Ukrainian War, long-term climate control, immediate economic goals and the end of dependence on Russia, an energy exporter, can all cooperate. Insisted.

He called on countries to “strengthen” their response, citing a global commitment to end methane gas leaks and the practice of burning or flaring unwanted gas in oil fields.

The European economy relies heavily on Russia’s energy, but Biden said eliminating methane waste alone could solve the problem.

“Every year, our existing energy system leaks enough methane to meet the needs of the entire European power sector. We offset almost all of the EU’s gas imports from Russia. Flare enough gas, “he said.

“Therefore, we are tackling two issues at the same time by stopping the leakage and flaring of this super-powerful greenhouse gas and acquiring this resource for the countries that need it.”

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