US President Joe Biden will ride his bike on July 10, 2022 at Gordons Pond in Delaware, Rehobos, USA. (Reuters / Tassoska Topodis)

President Joe Biden said the administration is still discussing possible actions regarding US tariffs on Chinese imports after Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo said he was hoping for a decision “soon.” ..

“No, there is more debate about that,” Biden said on Sunday when asked by Delaware reporters if there was a decision.

The Biden administration has for some time considered easing tariffs on consumer goods from China during the Trump era in the midst of divisions between his teams. High-ranking US and Chinese officials last week discussed US economic sanctions and tariffs.

“We were briefing him, and I hope he will make a decision soon,” Lymond said at NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday.

Some senior officials, including trade unions and trade representative Katherine Tai, support maintaining tariffs, which they believe will influence the United States in negotiations with China. Others, such as US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, have argued to reduce tariffs on Chinese goods in order to slow the pace of inflation, the fastest in 40 years, and lower consumer prices for daily necessities.

“We need to be clear about what the lifting tariffs do and what they don’t do, right?” Lymond told NBC, “Similarly, raising tariffs will result in significant top-line inflation. It will not drop to. “

“What it potentially does is help consumers of certain household items,” she said. Most importantly for Biden, any action is taken “without hurting American workers.”

Former President Donald Trump has imposed taxes on various Chinese products since July 2018 after the investigation concluded that China had stolen intellectual property from US companies and was forced to transfer technology. The Biden administration said in May that it would review tariffs and consider the necessary processes to ensure that they do not expire in July.

Last month, Mr. Lymond said the United States decided to maintain tariffs on steel and aluminum, but could lower tariffs on other commodities.

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