Billie Eilish said she felt “really vulnerable” by singing about her experience of abuse.

The 20-year-old multi-award-winning singer used her last album, Happier Than Ever, and her single Your Power to address the issue and tell the lyrics the story of herself and others.

Talking to The Sunday Times before her headline set in Glastonbury on Friday, Irish talked about the challenge of facing such a negative time in her life.

She states:

“Here are all these secrets about me, and here are all these anxieties I have, and here is everything I keep myself.”

Irish declined to talk more about his experience.

She states: “Your power has a poem about my experience, which is as specific as I get.

“The rest is about many other things I have witnessed — from all these different perspectives.

“this [abuse] Change you It makes you feel this responsibility, regret and embarrassment.

“You feel guilty. You feel it’s your fault, and it’s your fault, and you started that and that.

“And you, but wait, I didn’t because I was just a kid. We blame ourselves, and the people who usually abuse you are with you You also blame when it has nothing to do with it.

“Especially when you are young and your brain is not well developed and you don’t know what’s right or wrong.”

Irish later realized that interactions and relationships weren’t what she thought would “engage you.”

She added that the “worst part” is that anyone can be abused, no matter how vigilant your parents are or how smart you are.

Irish will be the youngest solo headliner in Glastonbury when he climbs to the pyramid stage on Friday night.

She has just finished a series of dates at the O2 Arena in London as part of the Hapia Than Everworld Tour.

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