Björk has announced that she will release her tenth album this fall. This revelation comes through extensive interviews for The Guardian.album is called Fossolathe “female version of the Latin word for digger”, backed by two “lodestones”: the bass clarinet and the gabber, a style of Dutch techno that originated in Holland in the 90s.

Interviewer Chal Ravens explains: Fossola As a reaction to 2017 Utopia stated that the album contains “moments of astonishing virtuosity and bewildering complexity, and, like much of her recent music, a resistance to straightforward melodies”.

The new album is in some ways a product of the space and time that COVID-19 and lockdown have given Björk to explore and develop new songs and sounds. But it reflects a “transitional period” in her singer’s life, says Ravens, on one occasion mourning the death of her mother and on another the farewell to her youngest son, Esadora. I’m singing a song like I recently moved out of her house. (Isadora and Björk’s son Sindri provides backing vocals on that track called “Her Mother’s House.”)

has fantastic quality Fossola, It was also earthy, Björk explained. “Let’s step into this fantasy and see what it’s like to have lunch, fart, see friends, and do normal things. Fossola In an email to the Indonesian duo of Gabber Modus Operandi, for her “mushroom album.”

“It’s like digging a hole in the ground,” she wrote to the pair. “This time I’m living with a mole and really grounding myself.”

Fossola It will be released this fall on One Little Independent Records. To read her full Björk interview on The Guardian, go here.

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