The RTS reported on June 15, 2022 that a Swiss prosecutor sentenced Sepp Blatter (86) and Michel Platini (66) to 20 months in prison in connection with charges of fraud against football group FIFA. I did.

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Last week, the two defendants rejected all charges, including an improper transfer of CHF 2 million from FIFA to Platini between 1998 and 2002 for consulting services. The prosecutor concluded that there was no legal basis for payment.

Blatter and Platini must be convicted of fraud, infringement of trust, misappropriation, and forgery of documents, said prosecutor Thomas Hildbrand.

The two individuals accused did not show any shadow of regret, Hildbrand said. Mr Blatter and Mr Platini were free to choose whether to obey or break the law, he said, and chose to break the law without good reason.

The oral contract defense presented by the defendant was dismissed. According to the Hildbrand, Sepp Blatter was well aware that a payment of CHF 2 million would hurt FIFA and enrich Michel Platini.

The two men were sentenced to 20 months with suspended sentence. A suspended sentence gives the defendant time to probation. If the probation is successfully completed, the proceeding is usually dismissed without detaining the defendant.

In the process, the proceedings, including FIFA as a civilian party, will continue until June 22, 2022.

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