The Bermuda Netball Association Women’s Summer League and Co-education League continued at Bernard Park.

Women’s Summer League

The BHB Angels defeated the Tigers 25-21. Stacey O’Brien led the BHB with 11 goals, Donisha Gardner and Demiqua Daniels each scored 7 goals, Donisha Gardner was named Team MVP, and Tigers MVP Near Shea Berkeley scored 12 goals. Benjamin added 5 points, Jatuere Trot scored 4 points, and Kessia Jackson scored 2 points.

North Village Lady Rams defeated St. George’s Lady Colts 20-18. Darica Simmons scored 12 goals and led the North Village Lady Rams to victory. MVP Star Bowen added 6 goals and Jordan Morris scored 2 goals. Drewshae Bascome and Nicky Smith scored 6 goals each at St. George’s Lady Colts, Coriah Simmons added 5 goals, Phylicia Furbert scored 1 goal, and Jasmaine Adams was named Team MVP.

Co-education league

North Village Rams defeats BHB Angels 29-25, Darica Simmons leads North Village Rams with 26 goals, Tejour Riley adds three other goals, Quinn Simmons to MVP and Sheldon Bahadsin 17 to BHB He scored a goal and was selected as an MVP. , Stacey O’Brien added eight other goals.

Storm Chasers defeated PwC 24–5, Storm Chasers MVP Antoine Williams led with 15 goals, Navi Iranashir added 5 goals, and Elisha Esmis and Antoine Jackson scored two goals. Caitlyn Lawrence scored five goals at PwC and Carla Le Roux nominated the team as MVP.

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