New participants in Love Island will know who they are associated with when the new series begins and the villa is shaken by the sudden arrival of the first bomb.

The eighth series of popular ITV2 date shows will begin on June 6th in a new location in Mallorca, with Laura Whitmore returning as a host.

This year, the first coupling of the series will be determined by a viewer unknown to the participants.

This year’s lineup includes Jema, the daughter of British soccer player Michael Owen, and Tasha Gori, a dancer with cochlear implants and the show’s first hearing-impaired person.

In the launch episode on Monday night, Page, Indiya, Amber, Jema, and Tasha girls talk to Whitmore around the fire pit. She tells Jema: “Talk about the type of guy you are looking for.”

A 19-year-old international dressage rider and business owner told Whitmore: Good morality. “

Before meeting other contestants such as Dami, Liam, Ikena, Andrew and Luka, the girls line up in front of the villa’s pool, Whitmore said: She may not have talked yet. This year is a little different.

“You thought you would all move forward for the boy you like the most. But this is a love island and you never know what to expect.

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“For the first time, we asked the general public to play Cupid and pick a boy they thought you should couple.”

After the pairing, the islanders were shocked another when David, the first bomber, made his entrance.

Indiya, 23, a waitress at a hotel in London, said in a beach hat:

Other girls have also commented on the new contestants in comments from “Hot.” sexy. From Hercules to Page, a 24-year-old Swansea paramedic said: I am ready to get married. Ready to give birth to a baby. “

The Love Islanders dare to play the game when they see him doing a striptease shortly after David arrives.

At the end of the game, Davide receives the text “Within 24 hours, couple with the selected girl and leave one boy single and vulnerable #italiansnack #ciaobella”.

In last year’s series, Millie Court and Liamriadon won.

– Love Island will air on ITV2 and ITV Hub on June 6th at 9pm, and the episode will be available on BritBox the next morning.

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