U2 frontman Bono reveals that he has a half-brother who he didn’t know until he was an adult.

An Irish singer told BBC Radio’s uninhabited island disc that in 2000 he discovered that his father, Bob Hughson, had an out-of-marriage relationship with a “family member.”

He said the incident gave birth to “another brother I didn’t know I didn’t have, or I loved and worshiped what I had.”

In an interview with Lauren Raburn on Sunday, according to the Irish Times, Bono said the incident and his half-brothers were kept secret from the mother and the rest of the family who died when he was 14 years old. Told. “No one knew,” he said.

The singer said he had a “complex relationship” that he grew up with his late father, who died in 2001, but since then he has eased the situation.

“My dad was obviously experiencing a lot, but partly his head was elsewhere because his heart was elsewhere. So that’s what I am. I think it was part of the problem I had when I was a kid, “he said in a 40-minute interview.

“It’s a very close family. My dad had a deep friendship with this gorgeous woman who was part of the family and had a child. It was all kept secret.”

Bono said he had talked with his father about the incident before he died of cancer in August 2001.

“I asked him if he loved my mother, and he said. I said:” Why does this happen? “He said,” It can, “and said it. He said he was trying to get it right. He was trying to do the right thing.

“He didn’t apologize. He said these were the facts, and I’m at peace with it,” he said.

The singer said he apologized to his father after he died in a small chapel in France. “There was no one there. I lit a candle and knelt down,” “Hey, I’m sorry, I wasn’t there for you. You experienced a lot, and forgive me. . “And I felt free. “

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