“I’m confident that Boris Johnson will get another job,” Ringo Starr said after the British Prime Minister’s dramatic resignation on Tuesday.

A former Beatles drummer said he wouldn’t give a detailed opinion on Mr Johnson or Britain’s turbulent political situation at an event to commemorate his 82nd birthday in Los Angeles, but wish him all the best. Was there.

That was when Tory leaders resigned from their top jobs, but not before cabinet colleagues and lawmakers offered Broadside with a “quirky” decision to kick him out.

Johnson says he intends to remain in office until a successor is elected. This process can take months, and there was opposition from party grandes and political opponents about attempts to “cling” at number 10 until the fall.

Asked about the controversial politician’s decision to resign, he told PA News Agency:

“God blesses him, and I’m sure he will get another job.”

World-renowned musicians also admitted that gun violence and hatred “defeated him” “in any country” around the world.

“We are here (to spread peace and love) … and I can only do this,” he said, giving him his trademark sign of peace.

“I can’t force anyone to” peace and love, “but it’s fashionable. “

In 2017, the star took part in the Brexit debate, stating that “people vote and they have to work on it.”

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