British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Summit (CHOGM) held in Kigali, Rwanda on June 24, 2022. (Reuters)

London / Kigali: Boris Johnson’s Conservatives lost two parliamentary seats on Friday. The British Prime Minister lost a close ally due to the unexpected resignation of the party leader and faced a new call for resignation.

In Rwanda for the Commonwealth meetings, Johnson was rebellious, listening to voters’ concerns, and threatening living costs after what he described as “harsh” resulted in two so-called by-elections. I promised to work on it. ..

Losses in traditional conservative southern centers and industrial seats in northern Britain from the Labor Party in the last election could be shattered by a wide range of complaints Johnson has filed to win the 2019 election. It suggests that there is sex.

The fear that Johnson may be responsible for the election is after months of scandals over the COVID-19 Blockade Party, when millions of people are suffering from rising food and fuel prices. May urge him to oppose him again.

Johnson has resisted pressure to resign after being fined for violating blockade rules in his Downing Street office.

This month he survived a conservative vote of confidence, but 41% of his parliamentary colleagues voted to expel him, and the Commission investigated whether he deliberately misunderstood Congress. Has been done.

“As a government, I think we have to listen to what people are saying,” Johnson told Kigali broadcasters.

At a later press conference, he put in place an appropriate program to overcome what he described as a “difficult time” in rising inflation, including reforms in transportation, housing and energy markets to ease pressure on the public. Said to have.

Following defeats in Tiberton and Honiton in southwest England, and in Wakefield in the north, Conservative Chairman Oliver Dowden hinted that Johnson might be responsible. Resigned at.
“You can’t keep your business going as usual,” he said.

Johnson’s longtime ally, Dauden, added, “Someone has to take responsibility and conclude that I’m not right in this situation.”

Some conservatives have accused him of running poor campaigns in both voting areas, ignoring local concerns.

Johnson understood Dauden’s disappointment, but said, “This government was elected on a historic mission about two years ago,” and said he would continue to work for it.

Conservative sources said Johnson wasn’t worried about his further resignation from the ministerial team and swiped the media about what they called the blockade’s “misinformation.”

The explanations provided by Johnson and his team may be of little help in alleviating the frustration of the Conservatives.

Former Conservative leader Michael Howard told the BBC that the party would “be better under the new leaders” and urged ministers to “consider their position carefully.”

The wave of cabinet resignations could be a route to deport Johnson before the upcoming national elections expected in 2024.

Johnson can’t face a vote of no confidence for a year under party rules, but lawmakers who fear their future may try to force changes to bring a second vote.

It may take some time. It will involve a change to a committee that represents conservative parliamentarians who do not have government jobs.

By-elections were triggered by the resignation of Conservative lawmakers. One admitted to watching pornography in Congress and the other convicted a teenage boy of sexual assault.

The party lost the majority of the Liberal Democratic Party to the Central Liberal Democratic Party with more than 24,000 votes in Tiberton and Honiton.

“If conservative MPs don’t wake up, I think voters will pack them up in the next election,” said Liberal Democratic Party leader Ed Davy.

A major opposition Labor Party won in a parliamentary seat in Wakefield, northern England.

“This result is a clear decision for the Conservatives, who lack energy and ideas,” said Labor leader Keir Starmer.

Johnson led the Conservative Party to the largest majority in 30 years in the 2019 general election, winning in traditional labor voting areas in northern and central England.

However, the loss of Wakefield may indicate that his ability to repeat the trick has been compromised.

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