Willy Walsh, a leader in the aviation industry, has criticized long airport routes and canceled flights after the Covid-19 case was alleviated and assassinated Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s own response to a pandemic. Blowed up a politician.

Look at Boris Johnson in the UK. He emphasizes one of the reasons why he needs to remain prime minister as a way to deal with a pandemic. What a joke! They should have done better. ” Walsh, Secretary of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), told the Paris Aviation Forum.

Downing Street did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

Under Johnson’s leadership, the UK is one of the highest immunization rates in the G7 countries and has invested billions of dollars in employment support programs. But it also endured one of the worst fatalities and economic consequences.

Johnson survived a distrust resolution in Congress on Monday.

Earlier this month, British Transport Minister Grant Shapps told the airline to stop selling tickets for flights that could not be staffed. Both men serve in Mr Johnson’s cabinet.

Walsh said airlines couldn’t hire staff earlier this year as UK traffic was declining and the industry was afraid of new potential Covid-19 measures.

“Politicians say airlines should have started faster. No, they shouldn’t,” Walsh said. “If these stupid politicians did what they said they should do, the airline would have gone out of business.”

The surge in air travel has created long lines in recent weeks as airport managers struggle to get the job done, not only in Dublin, but also in some British airports and Amsterdam.

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