When Schindler’s List, originally published as Schindler’s Ark outside the US market, won the 1982 Booker Prize fiction, its author, Thomas Keneally, was futile.

Interview with n New York Times That year, Kennelly said he was “willing” to win the award, but felt that it was “ridiculous” for Booker’s judge to give the nonfiction novel a fiction award.

“This book is from Tom Wolfe The right one It’s fiction, “he said. “The facts are there, but I’m using fictional technology in character development, a way that the incident is relayed.”

Kinnelly spent two years researching and writing books, interviewing nearly 50 people. Sindler Juden Thanks to a mysterious German industrialist, he avoided the Nazi concentration camp. Kenya Lee said he had done a “reasonable reconstruction” where there was no record of the dialogue.

But when it comes to TV dramas, the types of “reasonable reconstruction” adopted by clever authors like Kenya Lee, for example. crown.

There was a minor attempt to question the subject of an eight-part Brazilian drama Passport to freedom (Drama, Saturday) tells a lesser-known story (to non-Brazilians anyway) of Aracy de Carvalho, who worked as a diplomat at the Consulate of Hamburg from 1936 to 1942. The number of Jews who died in prison on the eve of the Holocaust.

She started helping the Jews Kristallnacht, A national pogrom for them issued on November 9, 1938. She provided visas to the Jews and ensured a safe passage to Brazil instead of a ticket to the internment camp without using the red “J” required to mark the Jews.

In doing so, she risked both the wrath of her country’s government and the revenge of the Nazis, who had an informal policy of not giving Jews an entry visa. If she had been found, she would have faced her death.

Played here by German-Brazilian actress Sophie Charlotte, she is one of two Brazilians whose Yad Vashem has won the “Righteous Among the Nations” award.

Nonetheless, a couple of Brazilian historians argue that she did nothing more than obligatory, never issued a non- “J” visa, and was not at personal risk. , Questioned the authenticity of the story of Aracy de Carvalho.

Passport to freedom, The first Brazilian TV drama, made entirely in English, lacks tracks with these claims and seems to have gained little traction anyway.

Saturday’s episode-the only episode I could see due to a technical glitch in the preview provided-started in 1938 and doesn’t take long to throw us straight into the story.

Today’s video

Newly freed from an unfortunate marriage, Alacy finds that the dangerous games she plays become significantly more dangerous as the Nazis’ dominance over the city becomes more and more severe. There are checkpoints every second, and violence against Jews is intensifying.

Arashi is initially afraid of an unknown amount of arrival, and new Vice Consul João Guimarans Rosa (Rodrigo Lombardi) could pose another threat of exposure. But when she was assigned to help him find an apartment, she soon realized that he was appalled by what the Nazis were doing to the Jews as she was.

As they pass the children’s playground, he publicly expresses his disgust with a sign that Jewish children are not allowed to use it.

He then intervened to save the lives of the Jews who were gassed and ignited by a young uniformed Nazi thug.

It is no exaggeration to say that João and Aracy became allies, lovers, and ultimately men and wives.

Passport to freedom It’s mounted nicely and I’m crazy about it. If I make a reservation, it involves a side plot about an SS officer and his Jewish lover, a heroin-addicted nightclub singer who pretends to be himself as a Gentile.

They look like completely fictional characters. This is a fact-based drama about the Holocaust and is never needed.

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