Health officials today (Saturday), starting midnight on June 15th, will add a compulsory quarantine period for all arriving from Hong Kong, Taiwan, or abroad to the current 14-10 days for a 7-day health self-management. Announced to shorten.

The new entry policy changes will take place approximately one month after the medical observation period was reduced from the 21 + 7 system to 14 + 7 on May 16.

In the announcement regarding the new entry policy, the Coronavirus Response Coordination Center decided to shorten the medical observation period in consideration of “shortening the incubation period of infection with the Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2”. Said that. Most infected individuals are commonly detected by nucleic acid testing within 7 days of contact with the Covid-19 strain.

Those who can benefit from this new 10 + 7 arrangement must complete all vaccination procedures against the new type of coronavirus before entering Macau and must be negative on Covid’s test during the observation period. not.

Those who meet all of these requirements can leave the medical observation hotel on the 11th day after entering the room after completing 10 days of intensive medical observation.

As an example, the day you enter Macau until 6 am the next day is considered Day 0 and every 24 hours is considered one day. After this period, the health self-care period begins.

During the health care period, your personal health code will be displayed in green, but you will need to perform a nucleic acid test on the 11th, 12th, 14th, 16th, and 17th days after entering the room.

If the test does not run on the scheduled date, the health code will be converted to yellow. Or, if it doesn’t run within 24 hours of the scheduled date, it will be converted to red.

People coming to SAR from Hong Kong, Taiwan, or abroad will not be able to travel to mainland China via Macau SAR until the 14th day of nucleic acid testing after a negative entry.

Those who have not completed vaccination procedures due to health, age, etc., or who have a positive nucleic acid test result at the time of entry or during centralized isolation for medical observation, are subject to centralized isolation for medical observation. It will be.At least 14 days

Last week, Secretary of State Ho Iat-seng reduced the medical observation period for designated hotels from 14 to 10 this summer after evaluating similar plans in four cities in mainland China, with a seven-day quarantine at home. I commented that I can do it.

At the time, he also considered the possibility of implementing a 7 + 7 system, and Dr. Leong Iek Hou, coordinator of the new Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center, said this required further risk assessment.

As local immunization rates have improved, local governments have begun to gradually ease the entry of non-residents in the city and have promoted various immigration exemptions for Filipino and Indonesian caregivers in recent weeks. I am. Students or faculty; and non-resident Portuguese citizens.

Last week, health officials also announced that they would further relax immigration restrictions for non-resident employees of all nationalities and their relatives.

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