Analysts point out that the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia incident and the difficulty of the business, or the difficulty of entering the warehouse of Shucheng City, following the future, the difficulty of entering the public path, or the difficulty of entering the consumption special district. Government guidelines, refill deficits.

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Macau 557.3 billion yuan

– Imminent monetary reserves

Implementation of interim multi-month restrictive measures, including 12-day “relative quiet period”, temporary suspension of all “unnecessary” businesses such as entertainment venues and commerce, Macao Social District’s most severe new crown pneumonia so far One step of the apocalypse. With the recent return to normal, his single blast of the plague and wave motion over the past three years has caused the city to face heavy damage, and Ho Jiang is agonizing over the border and the quagmire of the global economy. .

This time, the outbreak began on June 18th, and officials had not disclosed the losses caused by the epidemic until now. Resurrection power. ,In the first half of this year, the game crashed 46.7%.

Bureaucrats point out that the latest epidemic has been sluggish economics, “unprecedented force”. Reclamation of the quarantine quarantine station is necessary. 167.8 billion yuan for domestic use.

Vice Principal of Macao University of Science and Technology and Dean of the Academy of Commerce Su Yuzhou Approval: “In the short term, Macao public border situation is good. 1.5 times annual total expenditure.

Special government opening, after the strategic profit of 35.16 billion yuan, the treasury still has 557.3 billion yuan, under the situation of zero income, we will respond to the next five years of government funding — the annual government income of the past few years 100 billion yuan.

“Public servants are incomplete…Plagues and misfortunes are the last.”

Investment circular

At the legislative session of the Legislative Council in July, the executive director of the Economic Affairs Department, Li Weinong, said: “The government is incomplete … the epidemic is not the last.” One-half deposit calculation and self-funding reserves, 49% in 2020, 46% in 2021, 57% from January this year.

Unexpectedly, the government announced that the past three adjustments have ended the business profit reserve of 167.8 billion yuan, but the impact is still reflected in the undisclosed figures. Compared with the yuan, 22.1 billion yuan decreased slightly, or decreased by 3.8%.

This is due to the end of the accounting system, for example, the 2018 and 2019 edition of the business needs to be ready for the 2020 and 2021 year entry strategy earnings. 30.2 billion yuan in 2019 (profit rate of 5.6%), 31.1 billion yuan in 2020 (5.3%), 14.7 billion yuan in 2021 (2.3%).

“The final goal of the policy is to actually have zero infected cases. At a certain time, there is no real infection, before the outbreak of a new epidemic, Kaya Kore is one scene, “Win without compensation,” which has been repeatedly performed all over the world.


António Félix Pontes, Macao Economics Researcher Commentary: “In the past three years, the average annual collection from the government is about 56 billion yuan, and local public transportation is available.” Rent for several years. Of course, the young man continued to run straight to the black, the civil servants were atrophied, the reserves were weakened, and the Macao special administrative district led to lawless prosperity.

I also understand the “flowing Qing and zero” anti-epidemic policy currently adopted in Macao, and the “straight to black” pointed out by Zhihui Pan. “In the early days of the epidemic’s explosion, policy was reasonable, but a significant increase in the human virus’ understanding, coupled with the introduction of effective vaccines and specific drugs,” the bureaucrat said.

“The final goal of the policy is to actually have zero infected cases. Time is now zero infection, before the outbreak of a new epidemic, Koya is one scene “ Victory without compensation ”, which has been repeatedly performed all over the world.

Most of the world’s regions are pushing the “coexistence of diseases and poisons” policy, as well as reversal of epidemic prevention and control, and the inside of the world is one of the many disease-preventing and poisonous regions in the world. The Chinese market maintains basic immunity from travel restrictions, so the special government has no choice at all, and is the only one that can decide on the inside. Isolation communication relief, Macao economics talent recovery power.

“Long-distance sayings, ‘moving clean and zero’ policy, internal quarantine and traffic control, Chongxing City’s economic activities, development of Macao’s creation of health, safety and constant environment.” Mutual correspondence.

form of consciousness

Su Yuzhou’s consent, the new crown pneumonia situation persisted, the story of the local adherence to zero clean policy, the medium- and long-term future, the public access of the metropolitan area and the city government were affected. We received more lockdown measures.

“Life is sincere, but the permissible high number of deaths is due to other causes, not new coronary pneumonia. Only the medical treatment system is incurable. 1,800 confirmed multi-sectarian cases, 6 deaths, all of them elderly.

“The representative conference has been held for the second half of the year, and we can see that there is a big change in the future, because China’s national economy is the same, and the acceptance of the zero-zero policy is a serious provocation,” this scholar said. Target growth, 2.5% in the first half of the year, and 5.5% annual growth target for the government. General secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China elected for the third time at the convention.

On the other hand, Macao Economics Association President Tomoki Liu is a strategic supporter of “Katsusei Rei”. Commentary, “Long-distance sayings, failed ‘moving clean and zero’ policy, internal isolation and communication security, Chongcheng city administrative activities, development of Macau to create health, safety and constant environment.”

The Macao Economic Society’s latest economic trends and forecasts are emphasized, and the commercial environment has caused major social explosions, such as “face-to-face sharp research” and “introduction sluggishness,” but the president of the Academy praised the government’s “result” for a new public release. Implementation of 100 billion anti-epidemic aid measures.

“Since 2002, when the ban on self-exposure painting was lifted, the scale of the exhibition has grown enormously, and the current situation has continued to expand.”

Bosai business crisis

However, the problems encountered by Macao and the public are far beyond the scope of the epidemic. Macao’s completely closed borders, the new crown pneumonia in the city, immediately after the tolerant attitude was introduced, the influence of the Kajo New Expo Law, so the future income level of the public, the existence of various doubts θ .

“The Macao government has decided to take over the business. Acceptance conditions and the policy of the central government of the Communist Party of China to check and control the epidemic. Unexpected Explosive Coloring Industry continues to expand and expand, and it means that the brightest era in Macau is united!

He hit Beijing’s Kaqiang cross-border game expo, and the two giants Zhou Yuanhua and Chen Ronghui, who were the two major players in Beijing’s cross-border game, were caught last year and led to the collapse of the tide. Only 10% of the first half of 2022 has not been restored.

In the 2021 and 2022 Singapore Deposit Plan, the target of 130 billion yuan of game income for each modified retirement age by department, or 292.5 billion yuan before the epidemic situation in 2019, 44.5% of which will be subsidized by the government. 86.9 billion yuan in revenue, 26.3 billion yuan in the first six months of this year.

Song Weijie, chairman of the Macau Responsible Expo Association, acknowledged that the current epidemic information acquisition system has been difficult, and the current target is 130 billion yuan, or the monthly level of 10 billion yuan. It was difficult to reach the first level when entering the industry, and because of the disappearance of the market, “I’m here.

The epidemic is behind the scenes, and factors such as Beijing’s strong suppression, return to China, and other market competition factors, “Trends in the foreground of the local expo industry,” and others, Coming soon, now after stepping out of step by step due to the slow development of the weather.”

“Macao’s Tax Approval Board Reforms: There are many things in the past that have not reappeared in the past, and we are also illegally passing new businesses, such as travel industry + sub-markets, new financial markets, etc. In fact, Hirokazu Hiroshi, “Professor Su Yuzhou, Macau University of Science and Technology.

Government relations

The difficulties encountered by the industry, especially in recent years, have led to the rapid growth of other areas, along with the new financial technology and the re-arrival of tourism industry. Changed places: There are many things in the past that have not been recaptured, and we are also illegally passing through new countries. Say.

In 2008, the government representative, Chong Cheng, announced that the land will be sold in parallel, and the “more effective and positive way” investment will be made. Considering the development government indicators, Su Yu Zhou Yu, “Can be used to provide funds for the account deficit, and the local market in the government development plan.”

Approved by Pan Zhi: “Macao’s economic recovery in recent years has been revived, and the government’s ownership has been released. Temporary government assistance is required. Limited space for competitive forces, government cutbacks, and other typical new tax increases and increases. In addition, the government’s future refusal to continue with the reserves or the implementation of the government’s proposals, so the deficit fund.

However, the foreground of the city is the attitude of anticipation. The sequel received a brilliantly over-the-top support. ”

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