Brexit’s story “the Irish Sea border was all wrong with union members,” warned former Taoi Zack Bertie Ahern, who caused problems with Northern Ireland’s special trade situation.

In Brexit’s long-term assessment six years after the UK’s vote to leave the EU in June 2016, Ahan said the EU-UK and Ireland-UK relationship is now “poor” and features a “toxic atmosphere”. He said he was.

The man, who served as Irish Prime Minister for 11 years and attended EU meetings for more than 20 years, is already a bad sign that Britain signed an agreement with the European Union “at 5:30 pm on Christmas Eve” in 2020. Said.

“In 40 years of negotiations, that’s something I’ve never tried,” he told an online audience at a seminar hosted by the Institute for International European Studies.

Boris Johnson was “wise and wise” and demonstrated his ability to succeed in his career, Ahan said. “But as a negotiator, I don’t think he’s interested in the negotiations,” the former Prime Minister told the seminar organizer and former EU Commission Secretary-General David O’Sullivan.

He said the gap could be filled with the true will to engage in the discussion. However, the move to dismantle most of the provisions of the Northern Ireland Protocol dominated the position of special trade in the North, making it very difficult.

Mr Ahan said a move to the EU-British trade war is inevitable if Britain sticks to plans to do this. This will cause serious problems as the Republic of Ireland has raised the real prospect of checking exports to the EU single market.

“But I’m an optimist in nature, a professional negotiator, and I don’t think we need to hit that worst,” the former Prime Minister added.

Ahan has a holistic solution if he finds a way to address the concerns of northern union members about ending checks for goods from the UK, and if they definitely don’t move across the north. Said there is. “Their concerns are not insurmountable and in some cases not unreasonable,” he commented. But he added, “as long as Boris Johnson has political problems,” it’s unclear if this is enough.

The Irish Prime Minister said there should be another talk about the “Ireland Sea Border” that was incorporated into the talk about the change in North Korea’s constitutional position, and another about the border polls.

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