Race 1 (1,600M)

(10) BRIGHT STAR showed good improvement at the second start, but it is a little wider. She has a strong chance because she likes this trip.

(2) FEELING GROOVY has been doing well since the last tough draw. She now has the best draw.

(8) DUCHESS OF GOLD found strong support the first time he went on this trip, but it was still green. A better show is expected. Stable jockey Warren Kennedy chose the first successful (3) GRANDIO RECCHIE.

Race 2 (1,400M)

(5) ASPECT made a smart debut on a short trip. Long-distance suits and foam are flanked.

(9) Fleet Commander gained market support at the time of his debut and finished close to 4th place from a tough draw. He should make a bold bid.

(2) WICCAN WARRIOR was not market friendly at the time of its debut at the feature company. He hasn’t gone back too far and can improve.

(1) Political parties have improved and his last form of execution has been franked.

Race 3 (1,200M)

(12) GIMME’S LADDIE gained market support at the time of its debut and appeared well despite the green race. He should have come for a long time.

(15) SEATTLEGREENLIGHT has been improved second best with support. Blindfolding continues and he can improve further.

(6) GALAXION needed a final run when trying further. He is back in the sprint with a blindfold. With a 4kg claimant, he should be competitive.

(10) BLACK CHERRY is the first person born from a strong stable. Be careful with your bets.

Race 4 (1,000M)

(5) UNITED PRINCE made a promise and approached a strong maiden last time. He was able to prove better on this short trip with a blindfold.

(3) WINTER PEARL has returned from a long break, but was a good company and promising. A big chance from a strong stable.

(4) DONQUERARI improved second best in course and distance. He guarantees a useful 2.5kg claimant consideration.

(9) The GLOBAL PATH is back, and the blinker has improved the first up.

Race 5 (2,400M)

(5) TAKE TO WAR is a light race. He has crossed this distance for the first time. But he is bred to continue his journey.

(9) SPECIAL CHARM has taken on a man and is doing this trip for the first time. But she looks ready for this.

(4) LA DREAMER also takes on males, but previously they were closer than the course.

(7) BELLE’S FIRST WAVE is struggling to improve, but it is appearing on the ground. A strong opportunity in the poor field.

Race 6 (2,400M)

(6) SPACE NEWS has been downgraded and should become more competitive after some improvement in blinkers. He stays on a trip.

(1) SECRET GIVER was my favorite hit with Poly last time, but his best shape was on the grass. He can make amends.

(4) TWICE GOLDEN is another one that has dropped the handicap. He won the course and the distance. With a 4kg claimant, he can run everything.

(3) The undefeated atomic blonde in two polyruns achieved a significant increase of 5 points.

Race 7 (1,000M)

(8) GOOD QUEEN BESS was a revelation when I returned to the sprint. She successfully won a mixed company in a useful field. She rarely returned when racing further.

(11) AREA FIFTY ONE is back on her best journey and you will see the picks of two Michael Miller runners.

(1) KEEP THE LIGHTS ON was a big draw when I tried it further at the previous feature company. She got a 2.5kg claimant and should be successful on this short trip.

(12) LADY CATHERINE is faster, but Poly seems to be better. Still, she can’t cancel.

Race 8 (1,000M)

(8) LIVE MY LIFE is a lightly raced mare that has returned from a long break. But she was able to prove that she was above this lineup.

(5) BLAZE OF SILK is beyond his best course and distance. He held himself in a stronger company.

(11) IRON BARK showed a stable shape with Poly, which led to the final victory. He gets a 4kg claimant.

(2) SIR POM gained a much stronger rival in the last run, but not too far. He had some fair form over this distance in Poly.

Race 9 (1,200M)

(9) The Queen of Ethiopia was a little disappointed. But she’s downgraded and looks competitive.

(6) INDIGO FIELDS has been greatly improved with blindfolds and undertakes slightly weak opposition.

(1) DIAMOND GIRL staged up with a 66-1 chance at the final start at Poly. Her better shape was on the grass.

(16) The shell seeker has declined badly with a comeback after a long break, but much better than that.

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