London: Britain said Thursday that it was preparing a new law to rewrite Brexit’s promise to Northern Ireland, but denied breaking the treaty’s obligations to the European Union.

The bill is scheduled for next week, probably Monday, and will trigger a one-sided change to the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol in response to opposition from most political parties in Brussels and Belfast.

Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said opposition to British tactics was “solidified” across the EU’s capital and asked if it was “serious about the negotiated solution,” the Irish media said. Reported.

Britain says a bill is needed to correct the trade distortions in Northern Ireland that have been put in a unique situation by Britain’s withdrawal from the EU and to return the state’s largest pro-British party to a power-sharing government.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s cabinet has approved the plan, leaving only a portion of the final draft, his spokesman told reporters.

“Yes, we are convinced of that. The bill is legal under international law,” a spokesman added.

Senior Minister Michael Gove wanted Brexit’s hardliners to distract after slightly surviving a distrust resolution within his party by placing them on a conservative backbench. Denied.

“I don’t think it’s about choosing a fight,” Gove said on BBC Radio.

“It is absolutely right to solve the problems of the Northern Ireland Protocol,” he said.

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) refuses to re-enter the state government unless the Protocol is reviewed.

The Protocol recognizes Northern Ireland’s status as a fragile and post-conflict territory that shares a new border with the EU in the UK and was agreed as part of the UK’s EU withdrawal agreement with Brussels.

Goods arriving from England, Scotland and Wales should be checked to prevent them from entering the EU Single Market via the Republic of Ireland.

It has infuriated DUP and states that Northern Ireland’s position in the UK is at stake.

In line with the 1998 peace agreement, Britain will discard most checks, arguing that the higher priority is to ensure that it does not return to the harsh border between Ireland’s north and south. It states.

The bill invalidates the Protocol and allows UK traders to create a “green channel” to send goods to Northern Ireland without the UK filing a customs declaration with the EU.

The EU has access to more real-time UK data on the flow of goods and only companies intending to trade in a single market via Ireland need to file a declaration.

The UK has pledged “strong penalties” to companies attempting to abuse the new system, but it also eliminates the oversight of the Protocol by the European Court of Justice. This is another red line in Brussels.

Britain also bears the risk of hostile to the United States, which helped mediate the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.

However, Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis is briefing the US government with Dublin and Brussels officials to prepare the basis for the new bill, a Johnson spokesman said.

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