London: British railway staff carried out the latest in a series of strikes on Saturday as decades of high inflation hit salaries and sparked strikes across a range of industries. This is his 2nd time in 3 days. Stops by tens of thousands of workers disrupted leisure travel over the weekend, with only about one-fifth of his trains running, and services suspended in some areas.

This comes during the summer months when industrial action is taking place across the UK, with staff in various departments calling for higher wages and better working conditions. “We cannot accept being bullied or tricked into open bargaining on behalf of our members,” said Mick Lynch, general secretary of the striking Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT). rice field. “Governments need to stop interfering in these disputes so that employers can reach a negotiated settlement with us.”

He warned that further strikes were likely unless compromises could be reached on wage increases and working conditions. He said it showed that he was “desperate to cause as much misery as possible.”

Saturday’s stoppage, which hits football and cricket fans as well as festival-goers, tourists and vacationers, will spill over on Sunday morning. A strike occurred in

Official data on Wednesday showed Britain’s inflation rate surpassing 10%, the highest in 40 years, driving up food and energy prices, hurting millions. The Bank of England forecasts inflation to exceed her 13% this year, sending the UK economy into a deep and prolonged recession. Opinions on the railroad strike are divided, with some expressing dissatisfaction and others supporting the workers.

“The whole world feels sorry for them,” Greg Elwood, 26, a recruitment consultant, told AFP at London’s very quiet Euston station this week. “Everybody likes to try to divide people, but I think this is something people should stick to.”

London public transport workers staged a new strike on Friday over wages and conditions, cutting service on nearly all underground and overground rail lines connecting the British capital. The latest strikes come in the middle of the summer when industrial action is taking place across Britain, with workers in various sectors calling for pay increases to match decades of high inflation and rising costs of living.

A spokesman for Transport for London, which is in charge of most of the capital’s network, told AFP that there was “very little underground (underground) service” and that it was functioning with a “very reduced service”2. He said there are only 3 routes. Members of the RMT Transport Workers’ Union, which represents a large part of the workforce, called Friday’s strike over changes to job cuts, pension benefits, wages and working practices.

Passengers outside the closed Blackhorse Road tube station expressed frustration at having to take long detours and expensive taxi rides. “I am not at all happy with this strike.

“It happens almost every week, but something is wrong,” said Greg Skarski, a 43-year-old construction worker, who said train drivers earn higher than average. He added that he had little sympathy given the Joachim, a 21-year-old French finance worker, was more relaxed.

The strike action comes after Thursday’s nationwide rail strike hit most services as union members rejected an 8% below-inflation wage hike proposal. will be done. RMT refused to set an end date for industrial action.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, an opposition Labor Party politician, told Sky News that he did not support the strike action but that he understood why transport workers were “frustrated and worried”, telling the government “Hard-working transport workers should not be punished,” said the government. The minister said he hoped to push for modernization, including Sunday work, which the RMT union opposes.

He accused the union of blocking salary offers from Network Rail, which manages the rail network. This meant that he would raise his salary by 8% over two years without consulting union members. Opposition Labor leader Kiel Sturmer tweeted that “Shapps will be able to resolve these strikes by going around the negotiating table and doing his job.” – AFP

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