London (Reuters)-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson survived a distrust resolution on Monday (June 6), but the Conservative rebellion over the so-called “party gate” scandal struck his authority and struggled to regain support.

Johnson, who won a big election in 2019, had an alcohol-fueled party in his offices and residences in Downing Street when Britain was blocked to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic. Later, I’m getting more and more pressure.

Voting was a blow After months of scandals and scandals, Johnson cast a ballot against his leadership, questioning his authority over Britain, and raising his position among the public. Defeated.

However Johnson, a master of political return, instead described the vote as a “decisive result.” This means, “As a government, we can move forward and focus on what we think is really important to people.”

“We do what we do to help people with living expenses, what we do to clear Covid’s backlog, more police by issuing more streets and communities. We can focus on what we are doing to be safe, “Mr Johnson has been trying to keep national conversations away from the” party gate “for weeks.

It’s a change of fate Johnson emphasizes the depth of anger at him. At a recent event celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, he encountered cheers, boo choruses, and some soothing cheers.

Several lawmakers voted, and 211 lawmakers voted in favor. Mr Johnson, worse than the prime minister expected, against 148, once seemed unattackable after having won the largest conservative majority for over 30 years.

“Boris Johnson is relieved with this vote. But he will also understand that the next priority is to rebuild party cohesion, “former Minister David Jones told Reuters. “I’m sure he’s comparable to the challenge.”

Others are less optimistic, and one conservative, subject to anonymity, states: But it’s too early to say what will happen now. “

Longtime critic Roger Gale Mr Johnson urged the Prime Minister to “return to Downing Street tonight and carefully consider where to go from here.”

By winning the distrust resolution Johnson secured an amnesty for 12 months when lawmakers couldn’t bring another challenge. However, his predecessor Theresa May scored better in a 2018 distrust resolution just by resigning six months later.

Dozens of conservative lawmakers empower Johnson, 57, to govern Britain at risk of recession, rising fuel and food prices, and travel disruptions due to strikes in the capital London. He has expressed concern about whether he has lost it.

However, his cabinet gathered around him and emphasized what they said was the success of the government: the rapid deployment of Covid-19 vaccination and the British response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The majority of Conservative lawmakers (at least 180) would have had to vote against Mr Johnson in order to be dismissed.

Earlier, a spokesperson for Johnson’s Downing Street office said the vote “allows the government to draw a line and move on,” and the Prime Minister welcomed the opportunity to make his claim to lawmakers. rice field.

Former London Mayor Johnson took power in Westminster as the face of the Brexit campaign in the 2016 referendum and won the 2019 election with the slogan “Achieve Brexit.”

Brexit’s Minister of Opportunity Jacob Rees-Mogg told Sky News that completing Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union “is at great risk without his motivation and energy.”

Johnson has honked Brussels over Northern Ireland, raising the possibility of increasing barriers to Britain’s trade and alerting Irish, European and U.S. leaders about the risks to the state’s 1998 peace agreement. ..

But when many were prevented from saying goodbye to their loved ones at the funeral, it was a few months of what happened in Downing Street, including fighting and alcohol-induced vomiting, which caused real damage. Gave.

With this move, lawmakers from various departments of the party have revealed that they opposed their leaders. A former ally accused the prime minister of insulting both voters and the party by staying in power.

“You presided over a casual culture of law violations in relation to Covid at 10 Downing Street,” former Under Secretary Jessye Norman said before the vote.

Johnson’s anti-corruption officer, John Penrose, has also resigned.

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