Kyiv: Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson returned to Kyiv on Friday on his second visit, more than two months ago, and President Volodymyr Zelensky praised Britain’s “resolute” support for Ukraine.

“Many days of this war proved that Britain’s support for Ukraine was solid and determined. I’m glad to see Boris Johnson, our country’s best friend, again in Kieu.” He wrote on Telegram in his video greeting British leaders at the presidential residence.

“President Volodimir, it’s good to be in Kieu again,” Johnson wrote in his official Twitter account.

The visit took place the day after the strongest head of state of the European Union accepted Ukraine’s bid to be accepted as a candidate for EU member states, almost four months after Russia’s invasion.

It’s also only a few hours after the European Commission’s emphasis on Kieu being given EU candidate status, a move likely to be formalized at the EU Summit on June 23-24. I did.

Such a move would be a strong symbol of support for Kyiv in the conflict with Russia.

Johnson visited Kieu as the first leader of the G7 countries on April 9, two weeks after the Russian troops were expelled from the suburbs of the capital.

He was praised by the Ukrainians for showing solidarity, and was filmed on a walkabout with Zelensky on the deserted streets of Kieu, telling the president that Britain’s support for Ukraine was “forever in history. It will remain. “

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