British jockeys are only allowed to use the whip in the backhand position and have also been disqualified for abuse in the fall after new changes were confirmed yesterday.

He aims to switch to using a backhand-only whip to reduce the generation of excessive force due to the rider’s narrow arm movement, but if the whip threshold is breached, Winners also face the possibility of disqualification.

If the jockey uses the whip 12 times in a jump race or 11 times in a flat (4 times more than the 8 and 7 strikes of the level allowed by each code), the track steward will make that decision. You will be disqualified.

In major races, excessive use of whips can not only ban jockeys for 28 days, but also disqualify them. The rider is given room only if he is considered to be using a whip for safety.

Meanwhile, the Killarney Summer Festival continues today, with the listed Irish Stallion Farm EBF Cairn Rouge Stakes (6.40) at the heart of the Kelly track.

All eyes will be on the All-Ireland SFC final against Galway on Sunday week at Croke Park, but this week former Kildare soccer star Willy McCreeley is at the forefront of the race with a fair punch in Sigamia. It is in.

Fourth in Royal Ascot’s Sandlingham Handicap at her last start, the progressive Karakontie mare should have more to offer, and Billy Lee in the saddle to get the job done in a decent style. You can maintain the bright red shape of.

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