PA news agency understands that Britney Spears will marry his fiancé Sam Asgari at a surprise wedding later Thursday.

The couple got engaged last September, and Spears joked that the proposal was “quite late.”

The 13-year adult guardianship system that dominated her life was terminated by the Los Angeles High Court last November.

The US report reports that the singer and her 28-year-old fitness trainer partner will get married at an intimate ceremony in Los Angeles.

The June 9th ceremony will be attended by “60 guests of intimate stakeholders,” according to sources quoted by the American publication People.

Spears (40) has two children, Sean and Jayden, and his ex-husband Kevin Federline.

This was the singer’s third marriage, divorcing Federline in 2007, and divorcing Jason Allen Alexander in 2004, and then earlier that year.

In May, the singer announced the loss of “a miracle baby in early pregnancy.”

She revealed that she was pregnant a month ago, saying she took the test after Asgari made fun of her about “food pregnancy”.

According to TMZ, Spears’ brother Brian will attend the ceremony, but her sister Jamie Lynn and her parents will not.

Spears became estranged from family members after being placed in the controversial adult guardianship system in 2008. This guardian managed many aspects of her life, including finances, in the context of her substance abuse and mental health issues.

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