Britney Spears’mother, Lynn Spears, shares a post about her daughter’s wedding.

ritney and Sam Asghari got married last Thursday at a ceremony held at a singer’s house in Los Angeles.

The star told his fans that he was so nervous before the wedding that he “had a panic attack.”

Stars such as Madonna and Paris Hilton attended the wedding, but Britney’s mother, father Jamie, and sister Jamie Lynn were invited because they were nervous after the Britney adult guardianship battle. Is not considered.

In commenting on one of Britney’s wedding photo posts, including one of the singers and Asgari kissing on the balcony, Lin wrote: Your wedding is a “dream” wedding!

“And having it in your home makes it so sentimental and special! I’m so happy with you! I love you.”

Serena Gomez said yesterday that she was “very honored” to be able to attend the wedding.

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The couple, who have been together since late 2016, tied a Los Angeles knot in front of 60 guests.

The singer shared Spears’ own post marking the day of Instagram in her story, writing: I am very honored to have been part of your wedding day. I love you! !! “

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