Britney Spears states that he had a “panic attack” the moment before his wedding with Sam Asgari in Los Angeles.

The singer, 40, married a 28-year-old fitness trainer and model at home. Her natural wedding beauty was designed by Charlotte Tilbury, and the off-shoulder dress has slits designed by Donatella Versace.

Spears and Asgari met on a Slumber Party music video set in 2016 and got involved with the singer in September last year, joking that the proposal was “quite late.”

In an Instagram post after the event, the toxic singer revealed that her nerves initially made her better.

She writes: “I was very nervous in the morning, but at 2 pm it really hit me … we are married !!!

“I had a panic attack and put it together.”

The spear arrived in a carriage perfect for the pop princess before walking down the aisle when tying a knot with a longtime partner in a small ritual.

On Instagram, she praised the wedding as a “dream” and called it “the most spectacular day.”

Spears also thanked many guests, including Drew Barrymore and Selena Gomez.

She writes: “I’m still shocked that so many wonderful people have come to our wedding.

“@Drewbarrymore My Girl Crash and @selenagomez are actually much cleaner if it’s possible. I’ve lost my word.

People at American outlets quote sources saying that Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love” was played while the bride was walking alone in the aisle.

Spears told Vogue magazine:

“I wanted warm, feminine colors like cheek, white, cream, and gold, as well as different shades of pink, cheek, and red.”

A photo shared on Spears’ Instagram shows a singer wearing a long train and veil as she marries a model Asgari wearing a Versace black tie.

You can see the couple hugging on the balcony adorned with pink and white roses, and a carriage is waiting outside her Los Angeles home.

Other guests in the photo included Madonna, Paris Hilton, Carter Royme, Ansel Elgort and Maria Menunos.

The wedding takes place just a few months after Pop Megastar is released from her parents. This allowed her father, Jamie Spears, to control her freedom and finances for almost 14 years.

The controversial legal arrangement was terminated by the Los Angeles Superior Court in November 2021.

Guests reportedly attended included the singer’s brother Brian, but sister Jamie Lynn and her parents had no plans to attend.

In May, the singer announced the loss of “a miracle baby in early pregnancy.”

She revealed that she was pregnant a month ago, saying she took the test after Asgari made fun of her about “food pregnancy”.

The wedding is the third trip down the aisle of a divorced singer with Kevin Federline, who shared her two children, Sean and Jayden, in 2007.

She also married Jason Alexander in 2004, but became invalid after 55 hours.

Alexander, 40, was arrested Thursday after arriving at his address with the intention of “crashing” the event and was charged with four misdemeanors.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to PA News Agency that Alexander was detained after the incident. The case involved a quarrel with the security guards at the facility.

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