The rivalry of the brothers is hell. I think the energy crisis could be resolved overnight if the four of us could take advantage of the amount of effort they put into each other’s extreme jealousy. The oldest person routinely blames me and his wife for how to treat the rest. Given that she is 19 years old, she was from last year to the old days of the 2010s, but the situation was very tough. How spoiled her three brothers are, how she never got what she wanted.

He’s a complete exaggeration, given that we had the time and money to spend generously on her when she was young, but she’s still drawn into some sort of Harry Potter / Dursley family situation. I’m sticking to the idea that I was. A 14 year old child has a simple focus on rivalry. If his sister is allowed to drink, he should also be allowed to drink. Legality is severely restricted.

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