Bermuda Tourism Board [BTA] Partnered with The Lauren of the Pink Beach Hotel to promote their second annual Summer Chef series.

A spokesperson said:

“This opportunity gave young students an insight into the culinary world and introduced them to practical skills in the kitchen.

“Celebrity Ghanaian-American chef Eric Ajepon offered guests of The Lauren a fully booked culinary experience during Cup Match, serving uniquely inspired Bermuda cuisine. Chef Eric, who has previously partnered with the Bermuda Tourism Authority, is a frequent visitor to Bermuda and has provided chopped-style experiences to a dozen boys aged 13-18 to deepen their connection to the island. provided.

“Young people selected from the Government of Bermuda’s summer day camp program were introduced to the basics of meal preparation, presented with a mystery basket of ingredients, and worked with fellow participants to use the available tools and materials. I was instructed to cook and cook.

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BTA interim CEO Tracy Berkeley joined the young man and chef Eric for the weekend session.

Mr Berkley said: I am very pleased to see this program curate authentic experiences for visitors to enjoy while also providing career opportunities for all Bermudians to consider. Thank you for the best in class service. We hope it will inspire young people to think strongly about a career in the hospitality industry. ”

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A spokesperson said, “Tiffany Derry, a passionate advocate for social justice, hails from the American South and was passionate about connecting with young girls during her time in Bermuda. She ranged in age from 7 to 14. I met 13 girls, most of whom were students at the Shaunette Somner Etiquette School for Girls.This session included Chef Tiffany’s professional journey and the obstacles she faced as a woman in the industry. It included intimate conversations with young girls about how they overcame.”

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Chef Tiffany Derry said: We want you to understand where your food comes from, be open to cooking, enjoy learning where your food comes from, and appreciate the process overall.

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“Twelve-year-old Darreh Tal attended a session with Chef Delhi on Saturday afternoon and shared his excitement about the opportunity,” said a spokesperson.

“I always wanted to be a chef because I love cooking,” said Darre Tal.

Lauren Summer Chef Series Bermuda 27 Aug 2022 (6)

Andre Roberts, Director of Food and Beverage at The Lauren at Pink Beach, said: Connecting with Bermuda’s youth and influencing them to explore the culinary arts of these award-winning chefs is the ultimate inspiration. ”

Lauren Summer Chef Series Bermuda 27 Aug 2022 (7)

A spokeswoman said, “The Lauren Summer Chef Series will conclude on August 27 with the return of Chef Dayaney de la Cruz. Executive Chef, credited for her breaking barriers by winning the role of the first female Executive Chef at Super Bowl 2020. Runs culinary programs at one of the world’s biggest sporting events During her tenure, she led a culinary staff of over 2,500 people, including 250 chefs.”

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