Influencer and Content Producer for Bermuda Tourism [BTA] It reached nearly 1.5 million people worldwide during the 2022 Cup Match holidays, according to the BTA.

A spokesperson said: This project was part of his BTA’s ongoing effort to share the Bermuda experience globally. These partnerships also give her BTA the opportunity to own content while expanding its distribution network.

“Photographer Lenny S., creative director Dapper Lu, Grammy-winning director Melina Matsoukas, celebrity stylist Gabriela Kalefa Johnson, influencer Chinyere Adugu, and blogger Naija Richardson are obsessed with Bermuda culture. became.

“It was a time of celebration, but our BTA influencer guests were tasked with learning the rugged history and festivities surrounding our two-day vacation, and delivering content that represented Bermuda in its most authentic light. Visitors shared their experiences through documented social media posts, one of which was reposted by DJ Khalid to his 30.4 million followers, further extending Bermuda’s reach.

“During the course of their short stay, the following indicators were achieved.

  • 1.48 million global reach
  • 210 posts across all social channels
  • 1.23 million video/reel views
  • 8,453 engagements [likes, share, comments]

“BTA will continue to work with influencers to ensure deliverables from our partnerships are met. Most recently, Dapper Lou released a recap video highlighting the time he spent. , Burnt House Productions and members of the BTA team to capture the content and used Bermuda producer Noise Cans for the video’s music to add an even more local feel to the video.

“The video has been viewed over 40,000 times, shared over 2,000 times within 24 hours, and received praise from many members of the Bermuda community through 204 positive comments. “We experienced a rich culture, beautiful people and warm hospitality.”

When asked about the success of influencer content partnerships, BTA Interim CEO Tracy Berkeley said: Strategically aligning its approach to not only hosting traditional “influencers” but also working with content creators to own content has proven successful. We look forward to welcoming even more talented people so we can continue to expand our distribution and global reach. “

“The BTA will leverage these new relationships to create valuable business development, film and photography opportunities that benefit Bermuda and our creative community. helped document the authentic Bermuda and Cup Match experience.

“Under its current program, BTA does not pay influencer fees, but does subsidize travel expenses at various levels based on a careful ROI analysis and review process. We may also purchase content rights from the images and videos available to you.Going beyond basic engagement reporting, we also provide demographic audience data, impressions, reach, total engagement, views, and more to determine the true marketing success of your campaigns. We also analyze metrics that dig deeper.”

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