Los Angeles: Walt Disney announced on Monday an agreement to bring a documentary series and concerts featuring K-POP band BTS to its streaming service.

The series will debut next year and will include the music and footage of the Korean group over the last nine years. Disney was called “BTS Memorial: Beyond the Stars” in a statement, and the members of the group described “daily life, thoughts, plans” in “when preparing for Chapter 2.” to introduce.

Last month, BTS announced that the band was resting while the members were working on a solo project.

Disney said the show will be released globally on streaming services, including Disney +. Other streaming platforms include Hulu and Disney + Hotstar.

The company didn’t say which service would broadcast the show in which market.

An agreement with BTS management company HYBE will allow Disney to record a stadium concert in Los Angeles in November 2021. This is the group’s first performance in front of fans after being interrupted for two years by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, the contract includes a reality show called “In the Soop: Friendship” featuring BTS V, TV star Park Seo-joon of “Itaewon Class”, movie actor Choi Woo-shik, and singer and actor Hyung-sik. Includes Park and Rapper Peak Boy.

Disney said the show would follow five friends who “go on a surprise trip” and “enjoy a variety of leisure and fun activities.”

Disney will also introduce new shows from other HYBE artists in the coming years, the statement said.

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