(CNS): The significant drawbacks of how the government currently reports and manages a $ 1 billion annual budget are outlined in a document produced by the Treasury looking for a consultant to help modernize the process. The current budgeting process has failed for both the Cayman Islands government and the public and does not provide a clear link between outcomes. It also produces long, inconsistent documents that are difficult to understand, labor-intensive, but do not clearly indicate whether the government is achieving its goals.

Ministry has Start bidding for consultants Provides an overview business case to justify the review and modernization of both the budget framework and the reporting process. The goal is to shift the focus to results so that they are clearly defined and monitored in budget documents. It should be concise and easy to understand.

In the procurement documents supporting the bid, authorities point out that the results are now reported in government documents without showing what has been achieved, such as how many times the government sector has met on a particular issue. ing.

“The link between the strategic policy statement and the outcomes the government desires and the outcomes contained in the budget statement is unclear and disjointed,” officials said in a statement explaining the challenges. “It is important that funding and other resources are directed towards achieving government strategic priorities and outcomes, and that appropriate steps are taken to demonstrate progress towards these achievements. “

Another major problem is that budget documents are long, inconsistent, inconvenient, and do not provide the basic information for budget scrutiny and decision making. Budget information is provided on 3,500 pages across five documents, detailing the quantity, quality, timeliness, and cost of all services provided by 46 ministries, portfolios, offices, statutory authorities, and government agencies. Provide information.

However, this amount of information “does not always help decision makers and users understand budget documents,” officials said in a statement. They also state that some of the information required by law “does not bring significant value to budget users and decision makers.”

“Budget documents need to be useful to decision makers and users, and should contain basic information to help them understand the requested budget amount and its intended use.”

The preparation process is also complicated and tedious. Excel costing templates are not linked and require you to manually enter the same information in spreadsheets and documents, creating a labor-intensive process that tends to be fragmented and duplicate work and errors. increase.

According to the document, the government also wants to use technology to enable a streamlined and efficient budget preparation process.

In this first phase, the government is looking for consultants to assess gaps within existing budgeting and reporting frameworks and prepare business cases that recommend optimal results-based budgeting and reporting frameworks. The bid ends on August 5, and the consultant expects to submit a business case by March next year. Then CIG will start bidding in the next phase to find a consultant who will implement the best solution.

The government expects that it will take several years to reach a modernized process and that it will be fully deployed by the end of 2025.

In February 2015, a report from the Administrative and Fiscal Law Review Board discovered that the government needed to reform budgets and reports so that actual budgets could be aligned with goals and measure success. .. The government has actually achieved it. It also suggested that budgets need to be significantly reduced and simplified.

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