Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute [BUEI] Manta Rays has announced that it is the topic of this month’s “Kids Hour Saturdays” on July 16th.

A spokeswoman said “Kids Hour Saturday” is held on the third Saturday of every month at 11:00 am and 2:00 pm. Every hour, a short film is shown and reading is done for children aged 5-12.

“At the Kids Hour in July, we’ll read Devyn Goddard’s book,” If My Family Livedinthe Ocean, “following two short films titled” Nat Geo Kids: Manta Ray Mania “and” Majestic Mantas. “

“The first movie, Manta Ray Mania, produced by National Geographic Kids, digs deeper with scuba thumbs to learn about the beloved giant manta rays. The film explores what manta rays look like, how they survive in marine habitats, and how they are affected by human problems.

“The second movie, Majestic Mantas, follows Manta’s journey through the Revillagigedo Islands off the Pacific Ocean in Mexico. The film observes what divers and biologists have discovered in interacting with manta, various species of sharks, and other fish species to determine what they and the archipelago can learn. increase.

“The book’What if my family lived in the ocean’travels with a young girl, imagining what would happen to her family becoming part of the marine life of the ocean. A story full of illustrations explores which sea creatures her family is and in which sea they live. “

“Manta rays can be seen soaring in tropical and subtropical waters. Here in Bermuda, spotted eagle rays are an important part of the underwater landscape. This month’s topic is these highly intelligent. It is set to emphasize the importance of protecting the creatures and how to protect them, “said Karla Lacey, CEO of BUEI.

Kids Hour Members are free on Saturdays [Single Parent through Adventurer Tier] $ 2.50 per child for non-members. Please note that caregivers must stay on site during Kids Hour. Pre-registration is recommended as space is limited. To register for BUEI’s Kids Hour, please call 294-0204.

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