Bord Pleanála has denied permission for an ambitious plan for a 28-story hotel and office plan at a major junction on M50, a suburb of Dublin.

Plans by Propotron Limited include a 459-bedroom hotel in a 28-story block and three office blocks 6 to 13 stories high, with N3 Junction 6 and nearby M50 highway offices. It provides a total of 34,320 square meters of space. Castleknock.

Propotron is owned by Pamela Keating and Anthony Dunne 50/50, and according to this plan, the Appeals Commission has concluded that it is of size and location on the island grounds at the crossroads of the national highway. site.

The Appeals Commission ruled that the plan violated the “Guidelines for Urban Development and Building Height for Planning Authorities.”

The Board also concludes that the proposed development will lead to underserved parking, adversely affect the strategic functioning, efficiency and carrying capacity of surrounding national roads and endanger public safety due to traffic disruptions. I attached it.


One of the people who opposed this plan was Children’s Minister Roderick Ogorman.

In a joint submission with Green Party colleague Cllr Pamela Conroy, the two argued that the proposed development was overexploitation of the site and dominated the Dublin West skyline.

According to a joint submission by both parties, there is no other building of that size nearby, and the plan “will have a negative impact on adjacent residential areas.”

The proposed location of the planned plan is now occupied by the total fitness of the Health and Leisure Center, and the Appeals Commission’s decision supports the Fingal County Council’s rejection of the plan in October 2020.

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After the Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) argued that the plan had a negative impact on national highway-related intersections and was inconsistent with national policy, the council rejected building permits for four reasons.

In an appeal filed in November 2020, John Ambrose Architects claimed that the intersection of N3 and M50 was one of Ireland’s most important intersections and perhaps the most prominent in Dublin.

The architect said the plan “should be judged in other cities developing skyscrapers around.”

The complaint stated that the amount of buildings corresponds to the extent of the site and the scale of adjacent development, the M50.

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