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Bus and train fares seem to change again.

The Public Transport Council (PTC) has initiated a review of public transport fare adjustment formulas and mechanisms, with the goal of completing the review by the first half of 2023.

PTC said in a news release on Monday (August 15) that the results of the review will also apply to the same year.

This review covers the effectiveness of current fare adjustment formulas and mechanisms that “considered changes in the public transport industry and commuting patterns.”

The review also “suggests ways to better maintain the balance between ensuring the financial sustainability of public transport and keeping public transport fares affordable.” PTC said.

Key stakeholders, including commuters, public transit operators, labor campaigns and transportation experts, will be consulted during the review, PTC said in a statement.

Members of the online community wondered if the review could focus on other aspects, such as the salaries of bus captains.

Facebook user Bernard Chan Yong Wah said: “First of all, in my opinion, the bus captain’s salary should be increased.

“They deserve to make more than $3,000 in a typical eight-hour workday, and they don’t need to add four hours of OT each day to make more than $3,000. “They deserve to eat with executives of the same level,” said one concerned individual, pointing out that it was time to change the system. We don’t need a dollar CEO…”

“We will publish the annual salaries of SBS and SMRT representatives and officers. It is the bus captain who needs a salary review,” added Facebook user SoonKin Chew.

Meanwhile, others pointed out that the end result would likely be an increase in fares.

“Fares are going up, so be it. Don’t try to use such new formulas as an excuse,” said Facebook user Lee Philip. “People are not stupid. Just like GST, when people are already suffering, they can’t wait for price increases. We’re talking about high inflation, high prices, GST increases, and fare increases.” /TISG

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