The SBS Transit bus captain lost his cool on the road after being confronted by another road user who allegedly didn’t give way to pedestrians.

The encounter took place on Wednesday (August 17) at the intersection of Hougang Avenue 4.

In a video clip uploaded to the Facebook page SG Road Vigilante, construction workers have little room to push a wheelbarrow on the side of the road while a bus driver is driving on a three-lane road.

The same bus, identified as Bus Service 161, is then seen turning left at the junction. At a pedestrian crossing he stops to wait for a few pedestrians to cross, but he leaves before two pedestrians cross. It’s not clear from the video how far back the two pedestrians were.

In the final part of the video, a road user chats with the bus captain about his driving.

The video shows the bus captain reacting angrily, and he can also be heard telling road users to meet him at the port bus stop after waiting for him.

The bus captain stuck his arm out the window and raised the middle finger.

When reached out to SBS Transit for comment, Grace Wu, Vice President of Customer Experience and Communications at SBS Transit said:

“We have conducted an investigation into the incident and would like to share that the footage shared by the driver of the private vehicle does not fully reflect what happened at the intersection yesterday morning. Our bus captain should have kept his cool even in provocative situations.For this, we advise and train him to do better.

“Regarding the incident, I would like to share based on the CCTV footage of the bus.The driver of the private car was on the right side of the bus when the two vehicles stopped at a traffic light. moved in front of the bus and, for reasons that were not clear to us, suddenly braked repeatedly even though there was no traffic ahead where he should have done so. He also started using abusive language against the bus captain, which led to an exchange between the two parties.

“Our bus captain was not driving as dangerously as some private car drivers claim. In fact, our bus captain stopped at a crosswalk and gave way to pedestrians. Two other pedestrians were still far away when our bus captain stepped forward.”

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