Joe Wicks is doing “absolutely great” now.

He has just returned from the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant, one of the celebrities on a cultural open-top bus in the 2000s. This was a “proper delight”, but I’m on vacation now.

“I’m heading to Spain for a bike trip with my dad and brother,” says Sally-born Wicks, also known as Body Coach. “We will cross Spain for seven days.”

There is no doubt that he deserves a good break. His long-awaited BBC documentary – Joe Wicks: Facing My Childhood – was recently aired and grew up in a family with parental mental health problems, including an emotional chat with his father, Gary, who is crazy about heroin. He opened his heart about. Wicks was young.

It’s a taboo topic – Wicks admits that he was shining a light on something that he desperately needs to discuss, and he has had a lot of feedback since it aired. However, the 36-year-old admits that the process was “exhausted.”

“I was very emotional and upset. It was like a cure. It was hard to do it every day. I didn’t want to talk to anyone, I just wanted to go to sleep, I was physically exhausted from the process of talking about these things.

“But I’m proud of it. I’m proud of how I dealt with conversations, the openness that we all showed, vulnerabilities and sensitivities, and difficult subjects in a really positive and kind way. I’m proud. “

Wicks has long been a popular name for his sober brand fitness and healthy eating cookbook. But it’s no exaggeration to say that he became a national hero during the blockade and had a daily YouTube video of PE With Joe saving his sanity (he had an MBE for his efforts in March). Awarded).

Joe Wicks and wife Rosie at the wedding of 2019 singer Ellie Goulding (Peterburn, PA)

He said it was “probably my busiest time” and has since “stepped into the gas” – podcasts, BBC docs, his Children In Need Challenge (including a 24-hour workout), and Live tours all in the mix – but even heroes have their limits. Wicks shared a moving Instagram post in January, admitting that even the “brightest and most positive” people are struggling, and later admitted in a podcast that he’s not a stranger to burnout. ..

“I’m really good at taking breaks right now. I’m learning to take time, spend more time with my family, stay away from the phone and show more presence. It really helps. “It will be,” says Wicks, who has a daughter, Indie, a three- and two-year-old son, Marley, and a wife. Rosie (and the third baby on the way). “So I’m in a really positive place with it-before I got hooked on it, I was always working and using the phone, and now I have a better boundary. “

He said this “really helped Rose’s relationship with the kids. I’m much more present now and less impatient and frustrated because I’m just calm and about things. I’m much less anxious. Instead of replying to millions of people every day, I’m working with them. This isn’t possible. “

Wicks taught at WellFest Ireland (WellFest Ireland / PA)

This does not dent his passion for what he is doing. Wicks are still invested and driven. And there are many things he is excited about right now. He headlined the Health and Fitness Festival WellFest Ireland ( in May. “I definitely have a live event among the things I love,” he says. I’m also “really excited” to have a third baby in September.

“Indie and Marley are very cheerful and very funny together, but they are very growing – Marley’s two and a half years old, such an adult kid, and I miss the baby stage.” Wicks are enthusiastic. “So I’m so excited to bring a new baby into our lives, hug it early in the morning, buggy, and obviously push it to my chest. I love baby carriers. That’s ours. I’m sure it’s not the last baby. “

When it comes to the example he wants to set up for kids, it’s pretty easy for Wicks.

“I think the greatest thing we can do as a parent is the kindness of role modeling and role modeling. We teach our children to be kind to them, to enjoy exercising and to be active, and to move. Show what exercise is, do it together, do it in front of you, and cook.

“If we can teach our children to enjoy food, cook, and love the process of making food, we will give them three skills: kindness, physical health, and mental health through nutrition, food, and exercise. That’s it. That’s your job. That’s all you need to focus on, “Wix recalls.

“Everything else – their careers, their life choices, whatever they do as adults, it’s okay, they’re going to make that decision, but you’re really successful and healthy. Gave them the tools they needed to lead a positive life, and hopefully a positive mental health life.

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