A taxi driver was fired after dropping off a pregnant woman and her two children at Toa Payoh instead of Yishun because she wanted to go home.

Facebook user Zdhnray Mohammad shared on social media his pregnant wife’s experience with a taxi driver on August 21st.

Around 10pm that day, his wife and children requested a ride from Marsilin to Yishun via ComfortDelgro’s ride-hailing app.

When driver Lim Chye Beng arrived at the pickup location, he told passengers to wait in the car while he smoked. The wait was over five minutes for him, Zdhnray wrote in the post.

Since it was a metered trip, Zdhnray’s wife told Lim that it would be preferable to go to Mandai via BKE and SLE.

Lim then suggested traveling via CTE, but Zdhnray’s wife did not agree to this.

During the trip, when Lim headed for PIE instead of SLE, she sensed something was wrong.

When I asked Lim why he was driving towards Toa Payoh when his destination was in Ishun, he became “defensive” and said, “I have Bandai in front of me,” and said, “It’s a lie.” It is said that

Later, Lim asked his wife how much it usually cost to travel from Maashilin to Yishun. When she replied her $20, he angrily said, You take another cab, I don’t want to drive you! I want to go home, I’m staying at Toa Payoh. You are wasting my time and gas. ”

Zdhnray said his wife started having panic attacks and called him.

Zdhnray said he spoke to Lim on the phone and asked him to send his wife and children to Yishun, but he refused.

His family finally got off at Toa Payoh around 10:30pm.

Mr Zdhnray said his wife was traumatized by the experience.

In response to inquiries from Mothership.sg, Tammy Tan, group chief branding and communications officer at ComfortDelgro, said her employment contract with Lim was terminated “immediately.”

“Our taxi drivers are expected to be professional in choosing the correct or preferred route and completing all trips. In this case, the behavior of the taxi driver is totally acceptable. No,’ said his wife to help them.

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