London: The ferocious Conservatives called on the British government on Wednesday to abandon the European human rights agreement after judges dramatically blocked plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda. The final intervention by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has forced the government to abandon its first flight after a legal objection in the United Kingdom has already reduced the number of plaintiffs on board.

Minister Terry’s Coffey said in a late Tuesday ruling that the government was “surprised and disappointed,” but responded to Interior Minister Priti Patel, who vowed to prepare for the next flight. “And we will continue to prepare and try to overturn future legal challenges,” Coffey told Sky News.

The ECHR has nothing to do with the European Union, which the United Kingdom left in January 2020. However, Tory’s backbencher, who has just rebelled against Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s leadership, said the ruling violated Britain’s sovereignty. “Yes, let’s withdraw from the European Court of Human Rights and stop interfering with English law,” MP Andrea Jenkins tweeted, echoing headlines in right-wing newspapers with others in the party.

The European Treaty was enshrined in English law in 1998 by Tony Blair’s Labor government. It especially underpins the Good Friday Agreement of the same year that brought peace to Northern Ireland after 30 years of bloodshed. The Johnson administration is already on the road to clashes with the EU over post-Brexit trade rules in Northern Ireland, and critics have opted for another battle for asylum seekers after a series of election-damaging scandals. Claims to be. The treaty has been frequently used by human rights lawyers to frustrate Johnson and Patel’s hard-line policies against illegal immigrants.

Johnson’s grandfather

Mr. Coffey said the government “did not even know the decisions and hints” about withdrawing from the convention. But last month, in a “Queen’s Speech” at a new parliamentary meeting, the government promised to replace the 1998 law with a new bill of rights.

Johnson’s own maternal grandfather, James Fawcett, helped write the European Games and served as chairman of the Commission for the decade following World War II. Anek Campbell, a cousin of Johnson’s late mother, wrote last week that Faucette would be “frightened” by the government’s actions.

She said Johnson had previously described human rights lawyers working to prevent deportation as “left-handed activists.” “Did you call your grandfather a left-handed human rights activist on his face? Where did you get this kind of contempt?” Campbell wrote in the Byline Times newspaper. Under the agreement between the United Kingdom and Rwanda, all immigrants who arrive illegally in the United Kingdom tend to be sent to East African countries thousands of miles away for processing and settlement. The government says plans are needed to prevent a record number of migrants from crossing dangerous straits from northern France after Brexit claims to lead to closer borders.

“Cruel farce”

Since the beginning of this year, more than 10,000 immigrants have arrived. On Tuesday, the Pentagon said it was detected that 444 people were coming from France on 11 small boats. The ECHR, which ruled in favor of Iraqi plaintiffs, said it should wait for his expulsion until the London High Court makes a final decision on the legality of the policy at a hearing next month.

Regarding Britain’s opposition Labor Party, internal spokesman Yvette Cooper said the government was only responsible for what the Daily Mirror called a “cruel teaser.” “They just wanted to hold the line and someone else accountable, so they promoted a policy that they knew was infeasible, unethical, and incredibly expensive,” she said. Told.

Legal issues have highlighted concerns about human rights in Rwanda. However, the Kigali government claims it is a safe country. “We are not discouraged by these developments. Rwanda is committed to making this partnership work,” government spokesman Yolande Makoro told AFP. “Rwanda is ready to accept immigrants when they arrive and provide security and opportunities to our country.” – AFP.

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