Two young activists, whose “freej” in downtown Reykjavik strengthened the community and reduced food waste, were nominated as Reykjavik residents this year. Two friends, Camilla Warigevska and Marco Pizzolat, who installed a public refrigerator in the city center last summer, have received this year’s annual honor. Refrigerators are regularly replenished and emptied by members of the community.

“We think it’s great to see the project go through its own life. People spread the word and bring food donations. Sometimes they meet and meet people through the fridge. We also hear that there is a lot of potential to connect people and at the same time raise awareness of food waste and our planet. “

There will be 3 “freej” in one

Camilla is originally from Poland and Marco is from Switzerland. Both of them moved to Iceland about two years ago. Their freej was launched on June 29, last year as part of the international movement The original refrigerator, located at Bergþórugata 20 outside the radical social center Andrými, affected the other two freej in the metropolitan area. One is in the Blazeholt district of Reykjavik and the other is in the municipality of Kópavogur. All three refrigerators are commonly used.

This is the 12th time that the city of Reykjavik has selected residents this year. Following tradition, the winners were invited to start the salmon fishing season on the Elizara River in eastern Reykjavik, where both Marco and Camilla caught the first salmon.

The post that Camilla and Marco are Reykjavik’s Reykjavik’s Residents of the Year first appeared in the Icelandic Review.

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