Carrita Lodge Wins Public Service Excellence Award [PSEA] In June, Ms. Lodge said, “She was recognized for her work as Program Manager, Culture Bureau, Ministry of Culture.”

A government spokesperson said: [July 8], Premier, Hong. David Bart and Dr. Derrick Bins, Head of Public Services, have recognized the Ministry of Culture’s Carrita Lodge as the recipient of the June Public Services Excellence Award. [PSEA]..

“PSEA is a program aimed at encouraging outstanding performance and commending civil servants who have demonstrated excellent service delivery. Every month, individuals or teams are selected for significant achievements over the last 60 days. increase.

“MS. Lodge is recognized for its work as Program Manager, Culture Bureau, Ministry of Culture. She was nominated for this award for the extraordinary coordination of this year’s Heritage Month event and the Bermuda Day Parade.

“This year’s Heritage Month theme,’Togetherness,’ was chosen to reunite the community after a two-year hiatus of a large coronavirus rally or event. Ms. Lodge has shown great enthusiasm for coordinating attendees for a memorable Bermuda Day celebration for the entire community. “

Prime Minister David Bert said: And after two years of absence, we see us gathering to celebrate our unique culture, our proud history, and most importantly everything that unites us as Bermuda. Was great.

“Collecting such a day requires considerable planning and coordination by many government and private sector organizations, all of which have worked tirelessly to make this day a great success. ..

“Curly’s dedication and leadership in managing parade participants and working with private and public sector entities should be commended. She acknowledged her efforts at this month’s Public Services Excellence Awards. I’m happy. “

Dr. Bins, Head of Public Services, said: On behalf of civil servants and me, I thank you for your continued efforts and dedication to your ministry and the people of Bermuda. Congratulations on your success! “

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