Carol Dixon is qualified as a Chartered Director.

A spokeswoman said: [IoD] We are pleased to announce that the 8th local resident has qualified as a chartered director after welcoming the 7th person just a month ago.

“Carroll Dixon is the latest person to complete all three stages of this internationally recognized board qualification. She passed first. [Certificate] And the second [Diploma] They are in the 2016 and 2018 stages, respectively, and this year they qualified as Chartered Directors in the third and final stages after a successful interview and evaluation of their business experience.

Dixon said:

“It took me about 14 months from application to interview after I qualified, but I was delayed by various curve balls such as Covid and the death of my family, and I had to postpone the final interview. One needs to find the process much faster! “

Despite the delay, Ms. Dixon describes this process as a “really good experience” and the level of training provided by IoD Bermuda is “very professional and collaborative.”

“I have not only learned a lot, but also built confidence and connections,” she says.

In particular, she focuses on the support of Neil Glass, an IoD ambassador for board development and member support in Bermuda, and Tina Hobrough, a certified director evaluation manager for the London Management Association. She also acknowledged the value of having an IoD branch here in Bermuda.

“I first heard about the IoD course through the local vines,” she recalls. “That’s why I started attending Rochelle Simmons’ IoD presentation at the 2016 Charity Center’s Third Sector Conference. Rochelle resigned afterwards. [as IoD Bermuda Chair]Was a great leader and ambassador for the local IoD branch during its formation. “

Dixon has a variety of careers that began in information technology before moving to philanthropy, using new designations to gain new positions on the corporate board and enhance the work he is doing on the current board. I’m looking forward to doing it. These boards include Bermuda Engineering Company Limited. [trading as BE Solar] And the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, which she chaired from 2018 to 2020.

“There is a growing demand for non-executive directors for a variety of reasons, including helping the company Bermuda to show its financial substance,” she says. “Traditionally, companies have procured NEDs from experienced former executives. Chartered directors are professional and recognized qualifications and may be able to reliably compete for some of these roles. Hmm.”

Ms. Dixon’s work extends beyond the coast of Bermuda as co-founder of South Africa’s National Food Banking Network.

“Since 2000, she has played a variety of roles, including co-founders and board members of an NGO now known as FoodForward SA,” she explains. “During the most recent fiscal year, FoodForward SA distributed 48 million meals and reached 875,000 daily through a network of more than 2,200 beneficiary charities across South Africa.

“My career has given me an ongoing appeal to technology and a passion for CSR and ESG. Beyond these areas of direct experience, I am diligent, organized and have a deep understanding of governance. We look forward to working on the board in search of innovative, independent, strategic and critical thinkers. “

For more information on IoD Bermuda’s professional development opportunities, please visit or send an email to

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