(CNS): While the most pressing issue facing Cayman Islands people today may be the cost of living, climate change is also “very” or “very” important. topic. Of her 1,085 who responded to all questions, 80% said they were worried that climate change would affect them personally at some point in their lives. Over 1 of the 4 minutes he said overdevelopment is Cayman’s most pressing problem.

The survey was facilitated by the Department of Sustainability and Climate Resilience to assess and measure local climate change knowledge, attitudes and practices as part of ongoing national climate action. risk assessmentThe anonymous digital survey was held for four weeks and had 1,085 participants. About three-quarters of them were Caymanians or permanent residents. According to the report, 924 respondents answered all questions in each section.

The results showed that more than 60% of people do not have enough information to prepare for what might happen, yet more than half believe that governments should be held responsible for addressing the impact. increase. However, most respondents say they trust climate change information from scientists and environmental groups more than governments.

About 90% said they had noticed coastal erosion and beach loss in Cayman, and about 80% said the weather had gotten hotter here and rain patterns had changed. More than 80% of his respondents link climate change to rising sea levels and loss of coral reefs. However, most of the participants (90%) believe that the impacts of climate change in the Cayman Islands can be addressed.

The ministry welcomed the survey results, and officials said in a press release that the number of respondents exceeded the target of 400 people to participate in gaining a meaningful measure of public insight and opinion, and similar measures in European countries. He said it reflected the level of participation in the survey.

Department Chief Executive Jennifer Ahern said there is a high level of awareness and concern about climate change in Cayman Islands communities. She said this insight would be of great value to “our efforts to update the 2011 Climate Change Policy Draft” and to the development of public awareness and education initiatives related to climate change.

A full Climate Change Risk Assessment report is due next month, but a technical working group led by the Ministry of Sustainability and Climate Resilience is working to update the 2011 Climate Change Policy Draft by the end of 2022. I’m in.

“The Technical Working Group recently presented the Caucus with an ambitious schedule of stakeholder consultations and public meetings to present the updated policy to the Cabinet by the end of the year. Stakeholders on climate change risk assessment. Working closely with the group, our goal is to complete a working draft for public review and input by October 2022,” Ahearn said.

“The level of projects underway can be overwhelming at times, but public participation is essential to developing inclusive and holistic policies, and we will have public meetings next month when the dates are announced. We expect a high level of participation,” she added.

See the full survey at central nervous system library.

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