“If I win the morning, I’ll win the day,” says Trisha Lewis – and on a day as busy as her, a strong start is probably essential.

Trade chef, Trisha’s qualification in the kitchen speaks for itself, but setting up an Instagram page to record her journey to a healthier lifestyle that really changed her life is her. It was a decision.

“I don’t think anyone set the page in the hope of getting 220,000 followers, so it’s never been set to be real. Others don’t. You don’t. You wouldn’t expect that to happen to you, “says a Limerick woman.

Trisha actually underestimates herself. As of this writing, she has over 221,000 Instagram followers on her page (@ trishas.transformation).

“When I first set it, I set it for my own accountability, took me on a journey, and thank God that it worked.”

In her quest to be healthy, Trisha created a community of “Transformers” to help her stick to her new lifestyle.

Exercise is often at the top of the list of hardships, but Trisha puts it back to what she knows will work for her, whether at work or athletic. Win the morning and win the day.

When she goes to the gym, she says: [in the morning] Before my brain records what’s happening, then I feel good. “

The reality of not always being motivated to go to the gym is that other influencers often neglect to show up on gleaming social media pages, but the pros and cons of Trisha’s account are good and bad. There is a point.

“Reality is always the most important part of me, because it doesn’t make sense to say,” Oh my god, I love exercising 24/7. ” That’s totally nonsense. “

The word “influencer” may be an illegal feature for some, but Trisha says she likes it and says, “I influence one person and feel about myself. If we can improve it, it will happen. “

And why doesn’t she want to be an influencer when she knows exactly what she’s doing?

When you hear the word influencer, there is a little wording.

Since launching Trisha’s Transformation, she has become an Aldi brand ambassador, writing two cookbooks and recently releasing Sharpby Trisha, a range of her own knives.

By devoting himself to her previous experience, the 34-year-old believes she can create space for her favorite work online and change her attitude towards people who work on social media. I am.

“When you hear the word influencer, it may be a bit of a chat, but I think many people are now aware that running an Instagram page can be a daunting task.

“Influencer brands have a very high level of entrepreneurship, because we need a way of thinking that goes beyond saying“ I want to do more for myself ”.

“I always had that entrepreneurial spirit. I said I was going to write a cookbook many years ago. I didn’t expect that to happen, but it’s always one of my goals. I did, “she says.

Regarding the potential downsides of living on social media, Trisha said:

“I don’t think anyone who has a grudge against someone in any career is the one I’m focusing on, because that’s all.

“What you’re focusing on expands-and I just want to focus on my calorie deficiency!”

Social food

Combining work and play, Trisha will be attending this year’s Taste of Dublin Festival at Ivey Gardens, June 16-19, bringing together top Irish chefs, suppliers and innovators.

Trisha claims that this event is one of the highlights of the summer, saying: Drinking a little, cooking with friends, it’s magic. Food is magic. “

At the event, Trisha wore a chef’s hat and hosted a four-day culinary demonstration with Rory O’Connell, Erica Drum, Derry Clarke and others, and staffed at Sharp by Trisha’s stalls. increase.

But most importantly, she looks forward to sampling the joys of fellow Shannon Cider, Salt Project, and Julia’s Lobster Trucks, who missed an opportunity during their final trip to Banner County.

“It’s just the right madness-everyone is in good shape and we are celebrating what we can do as a country with food,” she adds.

Tickets for the event can be purchased on the Taste of Dublin website.

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