The Central Bank of Ireland has issued a warning to the general public in connection with Catriona Carrie’s “unlicensed” financial company, Careysfort Asset Estates.

t states that the company is not permitted to provide financial services by the central bank.

In the warning notice issued on June 9, Catriona Carrie was nominated as the sole director of the company. The UK company is registered with 22WenlockRoad, London and England N17GU.

“The Central Bank believes that Careysfort Asset Estates Limited maintains its position as a person whose entire or part of its business consists of providing credit directly to stakeholders.”

“There is no approval from the central bank as a retail credit company.”

Under the law, the central bank is responsible for regulating Irish financial services.

India Daily: Catriona Carrie, a former Irish hockey player investigating fraud

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In addition to this, banks warn that providing financial services in Ireland without the permission of the central bank is a criminal offense for unauthorized companies or individuals.

“Consumers need to check the central bank’s register online to see if the company / individual they are trading with is authorized,” they warned.

“Consumers need to be aware of ads that offer loans from unauthorized businesses and individuals.”

Former Irish hockey star Catriona Carrie was convicted of fraud in 2020 after stealing € 6,948 from cosmetologist Nigel Kenny, who hired Carrie as an accountant.

She was sentenced to eight months with a suspended sentence for issuing her own check and monetizing the check at a branch of the Bank of Ireland in Kilkenny.

In May, a 44-year-old boy was sentenced to three months’imprisonment with suspended sentence and a four-year road ban after allowing him to drive twice a month without a license or insurance.

Courts have heard that Kilkenny’s Weir View Hill Carrie has pleaded guilty to four road traffic violations that occurred within the last month.

In February 2022, it was revealed that over 200,000 euros from desperate customers of Careysfort Asset Estates were spent on luxury goods, cars and holidays over the two years.

RTE Investigates revealed that about 15 people complained to Gardaí about Carey after giving her company a lot of money.

Customers were told that the company would buy their debt from the lender at a cheaper rate and then sell them back to them with a much lower mortgage repayment.

All that was needed was a lump sum payment of the new loan amount of 10pc to 30pc.

It turns out that the company didn’t buy debt from the original lenders, putting more debt on customers who were struggling to raise money.

The documentary tracked the money trail using documents received by RTÉ, including a two-year bank statement from Careysfort Asset Estates Limited.

The statement shows how the client’s deposits were used to fund everything from shopping in Lidl to traveling to Switzerland.

Over 380,000 euros have been submitted to the account over a 12-month period. Most of them are deposits paid by clients to Careysfort Asset Estates Limited. And over 200,000 euros have been spent on what looks like items and services for personal use.

The documentary also highlighted the plight of 18 people who paid nearly 500,000 euros.

According to the signed contract, these deposits were refundable. But when they were paid, Catriona Carrie broke her promise and dragged people for up to two years.

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